One thing I’ve been hearing a lot from my community is how challenging it is to show up publicly or online when you’re doing so much problem-solving in the background. I get it. It’s difficult to show up for your wider community with excitement and confidence when your energy and attention is being allocated to […]

How to Show Up Online While You’re Handling Customer Service Interactions

Jun 2, 2021


“I want to do less, but I feel like I keep adding more to make that happen…” Have you ever felt like in the quest to have a more streamlined business, it feels like a lot more work? Somewhere along the way, business growth became synonymous with doing less. I don’t subscribe to that and […]

Strategically Planning for Growth Within Your Business

May 21, 2021


Someone was telling me about a podcast they listened to recently about the spiritual side of business and entrepreneurship. The theme of the conversation was, “The universe only gives you what you’re ready for.” Whether that’s what you want or not. Could this be the reason you’re not growing? You know me (spreadsheet 👑), I’m […]

Is This the Reason You’re Not Growing?

Apr 15, 2021


Hi, I’m Pia and I’m a really great problem solver. No, but really. I think it’s the Enneagram Type 1 in me. I love to make things better, I believe in people and possibility, and seeing things work how I want them to lights me up. Problem-solving is one of the best skills you can […]


3-Step Strategy for Strengthening Your Problem-Solving Skills

Apr 1, 2021


Does this sound like you? You know you’re an expert at what you do, but you don’t know why the income isn’t consistent or where you want it to be. You don’t know what structures you need or what systems to implement to scale — and no, I’m not talking about Asana or Dubsado. You’re […]

Are You Struggling to Scale?

Mar 18, 2021


“I don’t hope you mind me asking: what did it for you?” This message hit my inbox over my weekend away. She said, “Seeing how you’ve scaled is, of course, a big inspiration. I saw your post about how big your revenue was last year compared to this year.” And she wanted to know if […]

The Key To Building a High-Growth Business

Feb 24, 2021


No doubt you’ve got a killer resume…but do you brag on it?!  Here’s a perspective shift: It’s not bragging — it’s context. You know what you’re talking about. But no one else knows that unless you actually tell them. Here’s the thing: I’ve worked with clients who have had wildly successful careers prior to launching […]

Get Comfortable Talking About Your Accolades

Feb 17, 2021


Why did you start your business? Why do any of us start our businesses? I started Curate Well Co. out of a desire to be myself. You may have started your own business so you could do the same. So you had a place to use your voice, to express your passions, to use your […]

Why we do these 5 specific things to serve our clients differently

Jan 28, 2021


What’s the best way to attract your ideal clients? With your messaging. We often have community members leave comments on our posts or drop in our DMs with messages like: “It’s like you’re in my head.” or “This 👏 this 👏 this 👏 !!!” or “You just perfectly summed up 2020 for me.” Your ICA […]

5 Edits You Can Make to Your Messaging Today

Jan 22, 2021


One of my core values is ease. Which surprises people. I often hear things like, “I’m so impressed by your organization and motivation. It’s contagious!” “When I think about you, I think about getting shit done.” “Your ability to turn pain points into action items is incredible.” When I talk about ease, I’m often met […]

The Core Value I Practice That Allows Me To Be More Flexible

Dec 2, 2020


  We can all win — but not if we’re all doing the same exact thing. To be honest, the online entrepreneur space has been feeling a little claustrophobic to me this year. It seems like every time I turn around, I see the same language, the same offer, the same photo from yet another […]

You are Cutting Edge in Your Own Way

Nov 12, 2020