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5 Edits You Can Make to Your Messaging Today

What’s the best way to attract your ideal clients? With your messaging.

We often have community members leave comments on our posts or drop in our DMs with messages like:

“It’s like you’re in my head.”
“This 👏 this 👏 this 👏 !!!”
“You just perfectly summed up 2020 for me.”

Your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) is the foundation of your business and it defines the most ideal person you can help with your product or service. Understanding your ICA, in detail, is a simple strategy that can increase your client conversion rate more easily and get consistent revenue for your business. When clients of mine are struggling with connecting to their community, it’s a strong indicator that they aren’t speaking to their ICA and need to refocus their messaging.

If your messaging is vague, general, and disconnected from your audience (like when you try to cater to everyone), it’s difficult to grab the attention of your ICA. You need to get hyper-specific, and vulnerable, even, in order to make a true connection with them.


How to speak directly to your ICA

Speak directly to one person in your community

I follow the yoga principle: speak into each and every. I speak to ONE person in a way that everyone listening will benefit from. 


Use the language your ICA uses (even if it’s not grammatically correct!)

Mine terminology and phrases your ideal clients use often — if you’re struggling to put words to something, chances are they’ll have the perfect way to say it. 


Break up your text into very short paragraphs so it’s easier to read (especially on mobile)

Keep your knowledge digestible — we go for clear, concise, and committed language that’s essential, but always provides a clear example. 


Pick your brand tone and stay consistent with it

How do you want you community to feel when they read your content? Identify this tone and ensure all your pieces meet the same guidelines.  


Speak authentically — your copy should read the same way you sound when you’re talking

Ditch your “coach voice” and write the way you speak — this will create more connection between you and your ideal clients.


When your messaging speaks directly to your audience’s goals, desires, problems, and pain points your community will feel seen, heard, and will begin to build a level of trust with your authority, expertise, and services.

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