While our headquartered team is located in Santa Barbara, Calif., our Full Stack configuration team is located throughout the US. If you're interested in growing our team of executors, implementors, and get-it-done(well)-ers, complete the application below! We'll reach out if it could be a good fit.


Who we are + what we're looking for from you


We’re an intimate yet impactful team.

We’re an agile, contemporary, and high-growth woman-owned startup company with a focus on services. We move fast, strive for intentional iteration in a changing environment, and do big work.

We’re looking for team members who are excited about our long-term vision, are eager about the idea of taking responsibility for outcomes within the company, want to be in a role where they actively get to contribute to the company’s initiatives, growth and legacy, and see it as a huge opportunity for their career that they get to lead within the company and do things for the first time.

If you like ownership and responsibility (and to be celebrated for it!), you're in the right place. 



If you're impressed by what you see from CWco., know that a lot of effort goes into it. If you join our team, you'll be a part of that effort.

It takes something (a lot of things, actually) to create what you've experienced for our brand, and we're looking to add people to our team who understand that hard work, setting high expectations of ourselves, and having the courage to take on the next challenge with an open mind are key to our success. This is the right working environment for someone who wants to do the work, and love their work.

We give feedback continuously, move at a fast pace while maintaining our unparalleled standards, and go above and beyond for each other, our clients, and the future of CWco.

We thrive on problem-solving together with a positive attitude, embracing the unexpected with humor and solution-forward action, sharing with each other honestly and vulnerably, and a fierce dedication to the assets and experiences we deliver. 

If you're not in a place to dive all the way into your work, CWco. might not be right for you in this season.

If you are in a place in your life where you can and want to be stoked about your work (and make it a priority), you'll also get to experience our PTO plan that rivals the biggest employers in the country*, our full suite of health and retirement benefits*, career growth and choice in what your role looks like in the future, and a voice and role in shaping CWco. — from big picture projects all the way down to project management details. 

* We offer retirement benefits to part time employees, and health benefits and PTO to full time employees. Flexible work schedule, access to our office in Santa Barbara, CA, and opportunity to be mentored, developed by our leadership team is available to everyone on the CWco. team, including contractors. Team members with a proven indication of long-term commitment have the opportunity to pursue passion projects, test ideas, and contribute in many ways.

here's what makes you a great fit for our team


Share our company values of: excellence, leadership, integrity, logistics, community, generosity, ease, and authenticity

Understand that we're a quickly growing company, so job responsibilities will evolve over time. Desire for career growth is a must.

Are empathic, self-aware, and intentional, practice vulnerability, and lead with *both* head and heart.

Have both an interest in and ability to own projects fully and take initiatives to 100% completion.

Are growth-oriented, excited by continuous refinement, and love to find collaborative solutions to new challenges.

Are organized, action-oriented, detail-driven, and fearless when it comes to hard work.