Get Comfortable Talking About Your Accolades

Feb 17, 2021

No doubt you’ve got a killer resume…but do you brag on it?! 

Here’s a perspective shift: It’s not bragging — it’s context. You know what you’re talking about. But no one else knows that unless you actually tell them.

Here’s the thing: I’ve worked with clients who have had wildly successful careers prior to launching their own business. 

Before starting their own businesses they were:

  • Self-made millionaires
  • Top-performing sales women at the largest U.S. companies
  • Closing 8-figure deals
  • Advising foreign governments on policy
  • Decades-long leaders of people and initiatives
  • COOs at impactful organizations/foundations
  • Highly accredited and trained experts in their field

But they don’t talk about these things overtly or often. Women, especially, forget to position themselves as authorities before they dive into sharing their wisdom. Sound familiar?

Every week, Curate clients do things like, 

  • Hit their goal of 10k podcast downloads (2 months ahead of schedule!)
  • Sign $28-30k contracts with clients of their own
  • Get 300 new leads (30% conversion rate!) from speaking at a conference

And I bet you’re doing things like this too…

But you rationalize not sharing your stories because you don’t think they’re directly relevant to your current business mission. You hesitate to ask for what you want — and still question if you’re really deserving of receiving what you ask for. I work with some of the most accomplished women I’ve ever met — yet they’re not talking about (or fully leveraging) their accomplishments. 

I think our culture could use a reframe around how we view and support powerful women. I want to live in a world where women aren’t worried about how we’re going to be perceived. A world where women are wildly proud of how far they’ve come and what they are working towards and aren’t afraid to use it towards their advantage.

So, here’s your permission slip: Share what a badass you are.

It’s not bragging. It’s context. 

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