The Key To Building a High-Growth Business

Feb 24, 2021

“I don’t hope you mind me asking: what did it for you?”

This message hit my inbox over my weekend away. She said, “Seeing how you’ve scaled is, of course, a big inspiration. I saw your post about how big your revenue was last year compared to this year.”

And she wanted to know if [XYZ individual event] was effective.


Here’s what I love about this email:

  • She asked questions
  • She was vulnerable
  • She made a personal connection

These things specifically make a huge difference in business, and especially, in a high-growth business.


Here’s my problem with the online business industry:

We often get deceived (albeit unintentionally) into thinking overnight success is possible, expected, and the norm. When, in truth, that just isn’t the case. There is so much happening behind the scenes over long periods of time that typically isn’t shown to the public. 

There is no ONE tactic/method to ultimate success. There isn’t a secret key to massive growth that you’re missing — although Instagram can certainly make us feel that way. Reflecting on our nonstop growth over the last year and a half, I’m also thinking about what it’s taken to scale my business consistently. Yes, I have a strategy behind my business (this is what I teach in my coaching programs) — but IMO our space is not talking enough about:

  • Creativity/evolution/innovation
  • Data analysis/problem solving
  • Long hours, endless zoom calls
  • Stress/pressure
  • People management, relationship building

All of which are a fundamental part of entrepreneurship.


In the past year, I’ve grown Curate Well Co. to the point of being able to match my salary from my last job (+ bonuses, which I didn’t get at my last job) and employ 3 people in-house. As I made a list of all the things I’m proud of this year, these are the things that hit it home for me. My point is, it’s never just one tactic that brings success and high-growth — it’s drive, resilience, and hard work make the difference.

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