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You won’t find copy-and-paste strategies around here but you will find systems that honor the really human elements of your business. 

You won’t hear us telling you that you have to do a massive live launch to be successful but you will hear us talk about our data-backed approach to amplifying your impact.

You won't see us glorifying the "hustle" culture but you will see us empowering you to take aligned action towards your ambitious goals.

What makes us different

Because if you’re going to reach 1 million women, 

you’re going to need a different approach —One that's



We say what we mean and we mean what we say — we are reliable, consistent, and predictable. We are deeply trusted and give to one another — we are open, honest, and vulnerable.  



We full-ass things. We’re disciplined (not perfectionists) yet thorough and thoughtful, elevating every experience and everyone around us. 



We’re resourceful AF and are always figuring it out. We don't want you to "follow" us —we're paving the path forward and bringing you with us so that you can lead your own life.



We believe that details are driven by data and that spreadsheets are sexy. We integrate feedback. We constantly strive to iterate and improve.



We operate our business friction-free, not effort-free. We meet big-ass goals while taking time for leisure and luxury. 



We believe powerful women are also real women — and we can change the world without wearing makeup. We love people and tell them the truth. We believe there is something good in every person — and we seek to identify it and wildly celebrate it.



We connect genuinely and listen generously. We open doors for connection, and hold space for contribution.



We support wholeheartedly and give a hand without hesitation. We leave others better, always.

What they're saying

"Pia is super quick at taking your thoughts and re-writing them to become easily digestible. She's excellent at organizing and creating systems and processes. Because of all of the processes Pia has helped me put into place, I finally feel organized in my business and ready to start taking on clients! I struggled with getting my *shit* together for over a year and now I have direction!"

-Ashley, Owner of Awakening Spaces

finally feel organized in my business

Hey, I’m Pia!

and I make a sexy spreadsheet.

If you asked any of the friends I grew up with if I was going to be an entrepreneur, the answer would have been a resounding “YES” (from them! I had no idea…)

Looking back now, it makes sense that the girl who used to sell everything from baked goods to handmade bracelets at a stand on the side of the street (I’ll admit — unsuccessfully) was going to make it. 

I’ve always been a natural leader — so it only makes sense that I spend my days leading a community of truly incredible women to create an incredible impact in their own unique way.

My clients appreciate my no-BS approach (I always get straight to the point). My zone of genius is making seemingly complicated things straightforward by taking big-picture vision and turning it into concrete goals — with scalable systems and over-the-top care to honor the really human elements of a business.

Meet the CEO

Let me introduce myself

Pia's story

Everything looked great on paper

I’d checked all the right boxes and achieved what I wanted out of my career in the tech and startup world — I was a department leader with a team, and had created first-time initiatives and processes that were affecting the company nationwide.

But while I was “successful” by most definitions — I was miserable. I felt like my job was draining me of everything that made me, me. The things I considered to be my biggest strengths weren’t things that I couldn’t contribute to my job.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had so much more to offer. I knew there were people who needed exactly what came effortlessly to me, and that I could leave a real, tangible, lasting impression on this world by being exactly who I was — and be paid generously in the process.

I woke up one day and said “I’m done”

I quit my job on a whim. No financial runway, no leads, and quite frankly — no idea what I was going to do (which for anyone who knows me is not my MO: I’m super type A and systematic).

I set out to do what I’ve always been great at — being organized AF, grounding the big vision in the details, and creating intuitive systems that can be implemented in a replicable way to remove friction in your business and help you change thousands of lives efficiently and effectively.

Today, Curate Well Co. helps impact-driven entrepreneurs take the purpose they have and put process behind it. The best part? We believe you don’t have to change who you are, put on makeup, or wear a pantsuit to be successful.

Think of me as your Chief Strategy Officer — who’s willing to get in the weeds to optimize your gift so you can show up as the leader you are, set a new standard in your industry, and get back to caring for the people you serve.

Curate well co. in the press

What they're saying

"Working with Pia was the best investment I've made in my business. She had an actionable solution for every problem I came to her with. She helped me find the clarity I needed, the strategy I was craving and the sustainability I had been working towards. I'm so grateful for this partnership and cannot recommend it enough. It was worth every penny and I'm thrilled to continue to put all we've done to use."

- Kelley, Owner of Root to Rise 

best investment i've made in my business

A bit about me

Fun Facts


I’m an enneagram 1 with strong 3 tendencies as well (always refining)


Coffee is my love language — 99% of the time you can find me sipping a cup of strong coffee with homemade nut milk


You will never catch me in a pantsuit — I’ve given some of my best presentations barefoot on a stage


I feel most alive when I get to flex my creativity and execute on my vision as a way of giving back and supporting people

What they're saying

"Pia is really great at asking questions to draw information out of your head that can be hard to see for yourself. Her blend of educating, coaching & challenging is super unique and then top it off with all those spreadsheets & resources and it's truly one of a kind."

- Shenna, Owner of Make One Day Happen


What they're saying

"I think what is unique about Pia and Curate Well Co is the momentum I felt while being apart of this program. I think Pia has the gift of pushing past blocks and getting things done. This was invaluable to me during my beginning stages of starting a business."

- Leila, Therapist


Who we serve

We’re an anchor for smart decision makers
who want to grow without sacrificing the details.

We’re a soapbox for revolutionaries
who want to tell a different narrative.

We’re an advocate for deep carers who value people over profit.

We’re a bridge for big visionaries
who want to put process behind their purpose.

We’re a safe-haven for real women who want to change the world without wearing makeup.

Belonging, inclusion, and
diversity at Curate Well Co.


We understand every single client and community member brings a unique and diverse perspective and life experience to the table. We believe that each individual’s unique background and abilities are vital to our community. We work to attract, develop, engage, advance, and retain ambitious individuals, while fostering an open, inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and each person can contribute to the workability of the relationship.

With the inclusion of all these diverse experiences and ideas, we are able to embrace all backgrounds and people as we challenge what’s possible, lead through innovation, and empower each individual to lean into what they’re excellent at.

There’s no “in” circle here — you are a contribution. Which means that no matter your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability — you belong here.

What they're saying

"Investing in working with Pia 1x1 has been one of the most important decisions of my year. When I first signed up to work with Pia, I didn’t realize it would have this much of an impact on my career. Pia has changed the game for my business this year, thank you thank you Pia."

- Amy, Owner of True Core Health, Therapist


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