Is This the Reason You’re Not Growing?

Apr 15, 2021

Someone was telling me about a podcast they listened to recently about the spiritual side of business and entrepreneurship. The theme of the conversation was, “The universe only gives you what you’re ready for.” Whether that’s what you want or not. Could this be the reason you’re not growing?

You know me (spreadsheet 👑), I’m about structures and strategy. But I also believe in the instinctual (sometimes spiritual) side of business, and this concept hit the nail on the head. 


Here’s what this looks like:

  • Your Instagram community isn’t growing
    Maybe it’s because you’re not ready for the increased exposure, opinions, feedback, and requests of more people 
  • Your monthly revenue isn’t growing
    Maybe it’s because you aren’t ready to step into your worth, or because you don’t have the infrastructure in place to support more business yet 
  • You’re not landing PR features/brand collaborations
    Maybe it’s because you don’t feel 100% confident in your offer suite and extra exposure would highlight the gaps in your business


If you’re going to get really real with yourself — in what ways are you not yet ready for the next step? Because if you’re not ready, it won’t come.

There have been so many times when I thought I knew what I wanted, but no matter how hard I worked, it just wasn’t happening. Until I got frustrated and stepped back to analyze why all my work wasn’t seeming to move the needle. 

In my opinion, there is a fine balance of pushing forward and pulling back — and it takes a lot of practice (and a lot of not always getting it right) to know when which is most appropriate. 


Signs I know it’s time to push forward 

  • I’m getting a lot of unsolicited positive feedback about something I put out in the world 
  • An idea I’ve had naturally comes up in conversation with community members multiple times in a short period 
  • People are reaching out to me first to tell me that X caught their eye


Signs I know it’s time to pull back 

  • I’m starting to feel burnt out because I’m putting in a lot of work and not seeing significant changes 
  • I’ve had multiple conversations with a theme of “yes and later” 
  • I’m trying to ‘salvage’ something or push through — and I don’t feel inspired about doing that


Sometimes, we’re even too close to this to see it clearly for ourselves. The thing that’s helped me most in getting ready for the things I want is having people in my corner to reflect back to me what they see. To offer their supportive, honest opinion about what gaps exist that I’m not seeing. And also to help me expand — to show me what’s possible and how I can approach it newly and uniquely. 

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