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Strategically Planning for Growth Within Your Business

May 21, 2021

“I want to do less, but I feel like I keep adding more to make that happen…”

Have you ever felt like in the quest to have a more streamlined business, it feels like a lot more work? Somewhere along the way, business growth became synonymous with doing less. I don’t subscribe to that and here’s why:

Growth = factors that compound over time
When you have the right pieces in place, they build off each other. But that means you first have to build the foundation. If your goal is business growth, you can’t just start doing less. You have to create the right structure and systems that make it possible for you (personally) to scale back, while your business continues to scale up.

Growth requires seasons of push and pull — always
Push = sales, implementation, new initiatives.
Pull = reflection, community building and nurturing, learning, and refining.
If you’re always pushing, it’s going to feel like you’re growing but not simplifying or streamlining the way you want to (that more feeling). If you’re always pulling, chances are you’re feeling like things are simple, yet you’re not expanding like you want to

As an entrepreneur, you have your hands in so many different things every single day — your role requires massive agility in how you show up. Which is why it’s so important to allocate seasons in your business planning and schedule.

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