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Why we do these 5 specific things to serve our clients differently

Why did you start your business? Why do any of us start our businesses? I started Curate Well Co. out of a desire to be myself. You may have started your own business so you could do the same. So you had a place to use your voice, to express your passions, to use your skills freely. Your business allows you to create the work, the life, the relationships that fuel your soul and allow you to be yourself.

This desire to by myself is how we crafted out strategies and structure. 

It’s why we:

  • Don’t give you copy-paste strategies for your business

    We listen to your needs and goals. When you work with us, you don’t just get the latest trends in the industry and templates you can plug and play — we empower you to make informed choices and problem solve as you scale

  • Take a data-driven approach to serve our community

    This data helps better fulfill on what we uniquely offer and further differentiate us in the market.

  • Pay attention to the details

    From logistic to material reviewal to communicating clearly — we pay attention to the details because we think it makes a difference for your success by giving you a sense of safety.

  • Give you strategy and structure

    We help you create systems that get you organized now, and strategy that supports you in scaling quickly — so you can grow effectively (plus, spreadsheets to back it all up)

  • Ask questions

    I draw ideas out of you and fill in the gaps by asking the right probing questions. I consult, coach, and challenge you in a way that helps you get clear on things you might not see yet.


Entrepreneurship, to some degree at the very least, starts with a desire to be the fullest expression of ourselves — to cause an impact unconstrained by others. You get to share your experiences and your opinions authentically in a way that can help others and nurture your purpose. You get to be in charge of your schedule, how you work, and how you tackle tasks. It is 100% an expression of yourself and your expertise. 

It’s why we focus on being different while being ourselves. In fact, in our experience, the best ROI in your business comes from remembering who you are and being resourceful with the rest.

So how are you going to be yourself within your business? What sets you apart? How are you going to tackle those big-ass goals so you can make an impact? Being yourself is your strength. And by being authentic and vulnerable while sharing your purpose and mission, those you can serve — your community — will come.

If you believe you need help figuring out how to make those big ass goals happen, come join us in the Curate Community Membership where you can no only have access to exclusive entrepreneurship trainings, but we’ll help you make new connections, engage in meaningful conversations, and collaborate often within the community — all while being yourself to the fullest extent. We’ll see you in there!

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