CHANGE narratives and redefine norms in industries that are desperately calling for something different.



WELCOME. pour a cup of strong coffee and settle in.


you know that connection, CONSUMER-CENTERED COntent + company operations, AND community are THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS. you want to know how to build a community-based business and approach conversion rates in a contemporary way. 

AND You want to build a brand that’s creating change in your industry through thought leadership, leading to ROI that’s palpable beyond profit.

You are a woman-identifying leader who climbed the corporate ladders, left behind impressive client portfolios, and spent decades getting great at what you do.

Now, you need help mastering the business side of your business, so you can impact more people in a more meaningful way — and your way.

YOUR EXPERTISE IS EXACTLY WHAT'S NEEDED your industry — that's desperately calling for something different.

You're an expert at what you do

But you need help mastering the business side of your business. 

Whether it be integrating a deep understanding of your customer's needs, to refining your company operations, to delivering captivating consumer experiences — you haven’t grown this way before. 

You want to be a leader in your industry — get in front of the right people, and receive the right opportunities to extend your reach. You want to create online content that compels genuine engagement. And you want to build a community of bought-in brand champions so you can lead your industry forward. 

You feel the call for a contemporary, collaborative, and inclusive approach to business. You want to think about marketing as a movement, not just hard-hitting messaging. And you're driving your brand to rethink the bottom line.

Tools we love

Our recommended tools for scaling your business with intention

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We love Dubsado to manage our high-touch client onboarding and offboarding process. Making our clients feel cared for and supported is top priority, and Dubsdao makes it possible. Use code CURATE10.

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Our newsletter design gets compliments every time we send it, thanks to FloDesk! We love their easy-to-use interface that allows us to put our brand forward. Use our link to get 50% off.

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Kartra is our favorite all-in-one hosting platform for digital content. Email marketing, landing and sales pages, and membership or course hosting — all in one place.

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LET US BE YOUR anchor, advocate, and accelerating force

Through business strategy, scale-supporting structure, and seamless go-to-market savvy, we're here to care about the details as much as you do, so you can make a difference in the way only you can. 


"Without Pia's help, I would be undervaluing my program, offering it to a wide range of people instead of my niche, and unable to scale. Basically, my amazing idea and framework to help moms would've fallen flat because I didn't have the operational systems in place to keep myself going. Her brilliance is in organization/spreadsheets/logistics, yes, but she also has a unique way of finishing your sentences for you. She knew & understood my vision early on, so it felt like I was creating my business WITH her. As an entrepreneur that's SO helpful, because you don't have co-workers to bounce ideas off of, it's just you. She provided the support I wanted and expertise I needed."





"In less than 6 months, I’ve gone from having no idea how to start my business to having a clear 5 year plan. I am so grateful for your guidance, Pia, and for the fellowship of my awesome cohort buddies!! Looking forward to keeping in touch and continuing to learn from, grow with and cheer for y’all!"

“Clear 5 year plan.”



MICHELLE langdon, LEADERSHIP COACH + co-founder of Wellth works

"Pia's expertise is clearly organization and systems. But where she went above and beyond for me is that she got in the trenches of our business to give us specific and meaningful suggestions on everything from how to launch a new product to copywriting and editing posts to produce the most value and engagement. This was the MOST helpful part of working with her - she's truly gifted and willing to go the extra mile to give you high level support that results in $$. We've 4xed our revenue from last year and the year isn't even over yet!"

“Specific and meaningful suggestions.”



Ready to lead your industry forward?

how we can work together



In your stage of business, you want a strategic partner. Not another teacher to give you tools, but someone who is intimately familiar with your business, and can offer support from an integrated perspective, and act as an extension of your team to carry you into your next phase of growth.

Think of this as our 1x1 consulting, plus plus. This is the only way to get sustained support from Curate Well Co, in 2022 and so we’ve turned it into the most curated experience — from the content covered, to the community you get to be a part of, to the experts we bring in, and the virtual and in-person experience you’ll have.

Next cohort: JANUARY - December 2022

a curated experience centered around deep business strategy, with a dose of caring for you as a leader.


We know that leadership in the face of continuous growth can be draining, and you deserve to be poured into the way you pour into others. 

Think of this as your team offsite — better when done outside of your office, with a white board for big ideas, and a cup of coffee to keep us focused on bringing your vision to fruition.

In an increasingly digital age, your best ideas will come when you can step away, be fully supported in a new space, and partner with someone who can synthesize your ideas into a seamless strategy.

Choose 1, 3 or 5 day experience

uninterrupted and undivided attention on your business

virtual vip daY

You’re not short on ideas — but you are short on people who can offer perspective and play a hand in the how.

You want a lot of support, on a short timeline, and from the comfort of your home office where you can wear your favorite monochrome sweat set. You have a lot on your plate, and you need high-level help, like, now.

Your Virtual VIP Day includes done with you creation in a specific area of your business that will leave you with a start-to-finish strategy that you can implement right away (no week by week action items, and having to block off time every week to get it done)




You’re self motivated — you need an efficient strategy call that will leave you with immediately implementable actions in a specific area of your business, then you’ll feel set up for success to move forward.

You’re not looking for ongoing support, just someone who can be direct and to the point in the delivery of ideas. You need someone who can listen-between-the-lines to what you’re saying, synthesize it, and spit it back out in a streamlined way so you can implement it with ease.

You’ll, quite literally, get more done in 90 minutes than you likely have in a whole year in your business. This is a get-straight-to-business container. 


CEO of curate well co.

Hey, I’m Pia!

From integrating a deep understanding of customer needs, to refining company operations, to delivering captivating consumer experiences and community-driven brands, I help small businesses change narratives and redefine norms in industries that are desperately calling for something different. 

An anchor, advocate, and accelerating force for women (identifying)-owned small businesses around the world, I left a career in People Operations in the tech and startup worlds, where I crafted departments from the ground up, doubled national teams, and spun up infrastructures to hit goals faster and fuller.

When I realized there was only so much change I could make from within a container built by someone else, I started Curate Well Co. to help you lead your industry forward, build a brand and business bigger than yourself, and pave new paths to bring others along with you. 

Today, Curate Well Co. helps impact-driven leaders like you with business strategy, scale-supporting structure, and seamless go-to-market savvy. We care about the details as much as you do, so you can make a difference in the way only you can. 

I'm a coffee enthusiast as much as I am a business consultant, consider building spreadsheets an art form, and believe logistics are a love language.

As seen in

CHÉ elizaga castro, OWNER OF COME ALIVE CO.

“Since working with Pia I am about to 8x my revenue from last year to this year. She led me into the deepest ICA work I've ever done, which led to the program I now proudly produce 2x a year. She helped me formulate, structure, and launch my Brand Story Mastermind at a price tag 3x what I originally would've charged. She saw the high value in me that I didn't then see in myself. It is directly because of Pia that I have been able to 3x my price the first round of my Mastermind, which is now doubling this second round because of the VALUE we're providing through it — which I can finally see, thanks to Pia giving me the steps and structure I needed to BELIEVE in myself and launch my Mastermind with confidence. Being able to structure all my thoughts and ideas into tangible, highly demanded offerings has been a lifesaver; not only do I feel so fulfilled getting to impart my years of experience and see real change in my students and their businesses, I'm also able to scale my business from just me, to a team.”

“8x my revenue”




"Every 1x1 with Pia is the most efficient, focused, productive 45 minutes of my life. I appreciate her ability to hone in on what is important and prioritize my jumbled brain. What I was missing was someone to bounce ideas off of who would give me a direct and honest opinion. I caen throw a million ideas at Pia when I feel stuck or in a funk and she formulates a targeted plan to catapult my business forward. The major benefit of working with Pia is not only her powerhouse of a brand, and her personal success, but the fact that she helps hundreds of other businesses and has the experience to see what works and what doesn’t. She created an alternative source of income for me when I didn’t even know it was possible. She pushed me to look at myself and identify what I’m good at so I can turn it into a resource and help others while getting paid for it *mind blown emoji*"





"I have more concrete information than I ever had before, and I truly would not have had any of this without this mastermind. Thank you , Pia!"




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We’re saying the things most aren’t willing to say.  When you sign up, every Wednesday at noon (PT) you’ll receive a Curate Chit Chat text directly from me, Pia. Ready to be a part of the conversation?

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Get out from under the pile of sticky notes you’re drowning in and plan your most impactful and profitable year yet with a spreadsheet you and your team can refer back to throughout the year.


What's your diversity policy?

At Curate Well Co., we understand every single client and community member brings a unique and diverse perspective and life experience to the table. We believe that each individual's unique background and abilities are vital to our community. We work to attract, develop, engage, advance and retain ambitious individuals, while fostering an open, inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and each person contributes to the workability of the relationship.

With the inclusion of all these diverse experiences and ideas we are able to embrace all backgrounds and people as we challenge what’s possible, lead through innovation, and we empower each individual to lean into what they’re excellent at.

At Curate Well Co., one of our core values is belonging. Which means that no matter your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability — you belong here.

To see the specific actions we are taking, please see our diversity and inclusion page.

What are your qualifications?

I pull from several foundational bodies of work; however, my experiences have honed my craft more than anything. And, just like you, I have an inherent and unique expertise — I help female leaders grow their businesses. My gift is grounding big vision in data-driven details so my clients can execute intentionally. I do this through strategic planning, structured processes, and pulling the right information out of you. And, most importantly — I do it in community.

After leaving a career in HR and People Operations at high-growth, innovative tech and startup companies, I scaled Curate Well Co. to multiple six figures, a team of 3, and a community of +20k in our first year. We’ve expanded tangibly every single quarter since inception — into new revenue streams and evolved offerings, brand partnerships, media features, and more. And we’ve been profitable since our inception.

I am trained in a body of work called Light Year Leadership, created by Susanne Conrad. I earned bachelor’s degrees in communication, psychology and business communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I’m a yoga teacher trained at the 200 hour level in the Baptiste methodology and registered with the Yoga Alliance. I’m continuously investing in my own growth — whether that’s working with my own coaches, reading books, or taking expedited trainings.

What's your expertise?

What I love is executing on a big vision and seeing it come alive through action. What I’m great at is providing meaningful feedback, creating the strategy and systems for easeful implementation, and paying attention to minute details that make a difference. I combine these two to consult on intentional business growth, because I believe the world needs more community, with female leaders at the helm.

To put it differently — I’m passionate about helping women take their ideas from concept to creation thoroughly and thoughtfully, my goal is to be the best in the world at intentional business growth, the method with which we do this is community activation, and at the convergence of it all is developing powerful women who want to change the world without wearing makeup.

Can I learn about other clients' experiences?

We have testimonials throughout our site, and we’re always happy to connect you with someone who has worked with us in the past — email us at


I work with female leaders who want to amplify their impact. I help you show up as the leader you are, set a new standard in your industry, and serve your clients deeply. When we work together you’ll build a connected community based in collaboration, create an unmatched client experience as you refine your messaging and expand your offer suite, and scale your impact through digital content creation. All so you can meet your goal of serving 10,000 women using your expertise.

I want to work with you! what's next?

Let’s do it! The first step is to complete an application — this gives me all the information I need to understand your goals, challenges, and how I can best support you. From there, I’ll review your application in detail, then reach out to schedule a call if it’s a good fit. I use this call to make a personal connection with you, deeply understand where you’re at in your business, share all the details of the program with you and answer any questions you have. Last, we’ll get your onboarding started — you’ll sign your agreement and pay your first invoice to save your spot.