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3-Step Strategy for Strengthening Your Problem-Solving Skills


Hi, I’m Pia and I’m a really great problem solver.

No, but really. I think it’s the Enneagram Type 1 in me. I love to make things better, I believe in people and possibility, and seeing things work how I want them to lights me up.

Problem-solving is one of the best skills you can nurture as an entrepreneur. You have to believe there is a solution to everything and be willing to figure out what it is and take action on it. And it’s not something you can learn any other way than just by doing it. 


Here is my 3-step strategy to approaching problem-solving I use every day in my personal life and business.

  1. If you’re about to assume, ask instead. Gather as much data as possible about the situation as you can.
  2. Once you have the full context, take intentional action quickly. A series of small changes make a big difference. Work in tight feedback loops until the situation has shifted.
  3. Surround yourself with different perspectives. Hire people to help with things you can’t do alone, ask people to challenge you, and be willing to think about things differently.


At Curate Well Co., we call this the Figure-It-Out Factor — and we actively encourage our team to strengthen their ability to problem-solve effectively and efficiently. 

And, one of the best things we can recommend to embrace the Figure-It-Out Factor is to surround yourself with other people who can lend a new perspective, have been there before and have a solution, or are just willing to support you through your evolution. 

Join us in The Curate Community — an annual membership for entrepreneurs to help you make new connections, engage in meaningful conversations, collaborate often, and grow your community. Whether you’re looking for your next client, you’re interested in collaborating with other entrepreneurs, or you’re simply wondering How can I know everyone you know?! our membership will help you problem-solve while in community.

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