How to Show Up Online While You’re Handling Customer Service Interactions

Jun 2, 2021

One thing I’ve been hearing a lot from my community is how challenging it is to show up publicly or online when you’re doing so much problem-solving in the background. I get it. It’s difficult to show up for your wider community with excitement and confidence when your energy and attention is being allocated to a challenging situation or hard conversation. In other words: it’s easy to lose the motivation to be the front-facing presence of your company, sharing your stories, enrolling trust, and causing change…when someone is unhappy with you.

My suggestion: compartmentalize

Interactions within our work can look like:

Person A, who’s emailing you with a request, challenge, or needs, requires a certain type of service from you in order to feel cared for. They want their issue resolved. This person requires you to give thorough care in order to build trust.

Person B, who avidly consumes your content, requires a different type of service from you. They want to learn from you, connect with you, or be inspired by you. This person requires you to show up as you are authentically in order to build trust.

Rather than telling yourself that you can’t show up for Person B because it wouldn’t be right to Person A, consider both perspectives. You can be of service to different needs in different ways, and one doesn’t detract from the other. As entrepreneurs, we have our hands in so many different things every single day. Our role requires massive agility in how we’re showing up.

You can (and are) doing a great job — in all the ways that you are of service, acting in integrity, building trust, and creating a culture.

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