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The Core Value I Practice That Allows Me To Be More Flexible

One of my core values is ease.

Which surprises people. I often hear things like,

“I’m so impressed by your organization and motivation. It’s contagious!”
“When I think about you, I think about getting shit done.”
“Your ability to turn pain points into action items is incredible.”

When I talk about ease, I’m often met with resistance. People either think I mean “easy” or they don’t believe that ease is possible while also working hard and doing things 100%. But I believe you can work entirely in integrity while ensuring the process is easeful.

Call it my Type A personality, my Enneagram 1, my Upholder tendencies, or my lifelong pursuit to hone my ability to be systematic and efficient — but I believe ease is entirely possible within a scaling, purpose-driven business with the right systems and strategies in place. In fact, I’ll be bold and say that you can’t have ease without the right systems and strategies.

I’m organized and structured because it makes my life more easeful. It gives me time back in my day to do things I love. It prevents me from doing repetitive tasks I don’t have patience for. It frees up valuable space in my brain because the systems I have in place work for me. When things are logged appropriately and organized it allows for automation. It helps me get more done, make a larger impact, and move the needle… without more effort or time.

It allows me to be more flexible, because my systems are set up to support me and my team.

Here’s what ease means to me

  • The path of least resistance

  • Being in flow/lack of friction

  • Contentment has the same importance as ROI, productivity, momentum

  • Long-term vision and relationships > short-term success or profit (no room for burnout)

The difference between ease and easy

Ease is defined as the absence of difficulty or effort. Meaning that the system or process works naturally. Easy is defined as something that is achieved with few-to-zero difficulties. By being intentional about how I organize and structure my business everything can fall into place with ease. It comes naturally because we put the systems there to hold the weight for us.

Ease and ambition are not mutually exclusive. So, I don’t know if you need to hear this, but it is 100% possible to be successful AF and feed your soul.

Yes, at the same time. 🙌🏼

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