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Conscious consumerism is on the rise, customer experience (CX) will dominate industry-leading brands’ approach to marketing next year, and cultivating detail-driven intimacy that makes your consumers feel like you’re speaking ONLY to them is how to drive demand. And we’re no exception! If you’re anything like us, the idea of standing in Black Friday sale […]

2021 Gift Guide

2021 Gift Guide

Nov 10, 2021


What can I say… We love quality, minimalistic items. This is something that not only our internal team has in common, but also our ICA (and likely you!). We love having a light-hearted moment discussing our favorite things or sharing something we’ve been eyeing — and keeping each other abreast of a good sale. So, […]

CWco Team Favorites

Jul 22, 2021


Sometimes, it may seem like we’re all business. But what we’re inspired by behind the scenes plays a huge role in our design process, business inspiration, community creation, and team culture. We love to partner with brands that share our values, aesthetic, and intentions. At Curate Well Co. integrity is a foundation of everything we […]

Affiliate Brands + Discount Codes

Jun 25, 2021


The non-toxic skincare brand our community (and our team) uses the most is Primally Pure! Primally Pure was one of our very first brand partners, and for good reason! Their product line covers everything you need without  your bathroom vanity (minimalism at its finest).  Today, I’m sharing my low-maintenance skincare routine that keeps my face […]

Our 3-Minute Skincare Routine for Summer

May 27, 2021


I don’t know about you, but after spending an entire year in isolation (and getting vaccinated – yay!), I’ve been wanting to refresh my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to wear clothes that are comfortable, but I also want to feel refreshed and elevated. As we all re-emerge back into the world, […]

Relaxed Wardrobe Round-Up for the Female Leader

Apr 22, 2021


What kind of content do you consume? We get asked all the time what kind of content we’re consuming, how much, and how it impacts our mental comparison game. And since our clients are smart, generous, awesome and value much of the same things we do (integrity, elevation, sexy spreadsheets), we asked them the same […]

Content + Resources Curated by Our Purpose-Focused Community

Mar 31, 2021


“What’s the best place for high quality underwear?” She wasn’t the first person to ask me where to find high-quality wardrobe basics. We’ve become known for our refined yet relaxed style, so it’s only natural that we keep getting this question. It’s important to me that the pieces I bring into my home (and closet!) […]

Capsule Clothing Staples for the Relaxed + Refined Entrepreneur

Feb 11, 2021


After I committed to reducing my use of plastic and one-time-use product waste, there was one thing I always found that I missed. While it was easy enough to switch out my plastic tupperware for durable (and non-toxic) glass containers, it took a little more effort not to gravitate back to plastic snack bags on […]

Simple + Versatile Storage with W&P Designs

Feb 4, 2021


Because we are purposeful about the brands we work with and the products we use, we get asked all the time what our favorites items are. We could continue to talk about the main-stream, nationally-known brands we use, but in order to shake things up — especially as the holiday season gears up — we […]

WOC-Owned Personal-Care Brands We Love

Dec 4, 2020


If you’re anything like us, your online shopping habit has picked up in 2020. Since we’re social distancing, we’ve been staying away from malls and big stores. Outside of a few local retail spots we love, we’ve been spending our money online this year. And because COVID has improved the online shopping experience even more […]

2020 Gift Guide

Nov 4, 2020


Parker Clay is committed to empowering women with a meaningful and sustainable livelihood and professional skills in Ethiopia — which is where they source their leather from.

A Social Impact Company with Products You’ll Actually Want to Buy

Nov 1, 2020


  Have you ever gotten a gift that made you pause? Earlier this summer, the city of Denver, where I live, gave a water pitcher with a built in filter to every single household in the city. I came home one day to find it on my doorstep with an infographic about how outdated and […]

A Simple Switch for Full Body Health

Oct 15, 2020