The High-Touch Tech Platform We Use To Create Human Experiences

Apr 28, 2022

One of the most important factors we consider when building our internal processes and  systems is how it’ll affect the client experience. Our goal is for every Curate client to feel seen and heard, which includes the way they experience being on- and off-boarded. Seamless is the goal, clear and concise are important, and ease (for them and for us!) is the expectation.

From initial outreach all the way to the onboarding questionnaire, the client experience should be nothing short of high-touch, on-brand, and ultra-supportive  — which is why we exclusively use Dubsado as our main client management platform. 

Dubsado gives us the ability to build custom workflows for each of our offerings in every arm of Curate, whether that’s working with us in a Virtual VIP Day, an IRL Immersion here in Santa Barbara, or even coming in as a guest speaker for the podcast, Curate Conversations. Oh, and we recently started using Dubsado for our employee and contractor onboarding too!

And when we say custom, we mean custom. Dubsado can feel overwhelming at first because there are so many “layers” you can edit. From the email templates and forms themselves, to how they’re sent and in what order, and when they’re triggered — you really can create exactly the experience you want. No off-the-shelf solution necessary. If you’re curious to learn more about this, listen to Episode 004 of Curate Conversations, where we interview Becca and Jake Berg, co-founders of Dubsado!



Dubsado is the tech platform designed to help your business stay in motion. Their motto? More business, less busywork. We’ve saved countless hours using their system in order to on/off board clientele. 


Ways Dubsado makes a difference in our systems: 

  • Seamless client on- and off-boarding

Here at Curate, “excellence and ease” doesn’t only apply to the client experience after the invoice is paid and the work begins. It starts much earlier than that, from the first touchpoint an interested prospect reaches out. From the first moment a potential client books an interest call with us, the workflow begins, and Dubsado’s automations enable the entire process including email communications to be smooth and branded. Even if a prospect doesn’t become a client, they still have the opportunity to have a Curate experience.

  • Smooth processes for internal systems

We use Dubsado not just for client communications, but internally as well. When a new hire is brought onto the Curate team, they’re moved through the workflows we intentionally designed inside Dubsado to make onboarding as smooth as possible. Not only does this make sure as many kinks as possible are eliminated from the hiring process, but it also gives a new hire a chance to receive all information necessary about CWco. They’re as prepared as possible to exceed expectations, which then in turn enables us to serve our clients better.

  • Supportive structures for new initiatives

A few months ago, we introduced the Curate Conversations podcast. We quickly realized the sheer amount of work that goes into planning, creating, and releasing a new podcast. One way we cut down the amount of work required was by creating a workflow within Dubsado for podcast guests and sponsors. As we invite potential guests to speak on the podcast, they’re sent through the workflow, which means they’re ultra-prepared with what the podcast-recording experience will be like. Same for sponsors: we secured two sponsors for Curate Conversations season 1, and we utilized the workflow feature to help this process along.


You’re on the edge of something new in your industry, and you’re positioned to make an impact in the way only you can. As you work with clients, the opportunities will only grow, which means you need supportive infrastructure to handle the administrative + clerical work. Dubsado is here to help. Click here and use code CURATE10 to take 10% off your first year of Dubsado. If you want help setting up your workflows and using the platform to the fullest, book an interest call with us here — we’re offering done-for-you Dubsado builds.

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