WOC-Owned Personal-Care Brands We Love

Dec 4, 2020

Because we are purposeful about the brands we work with and the products we use, we get asked all the time what our favorites items are. We could continue to talk about the main-stream, nationally-known brands we use, but in order to shake things up — especially as the holiday season gears up — we wanted to share our favorite small businesses that are owned by women of color!

This curation is exciting because the brands are purpose-driven, they prioritize their mission, and their products are top-notch. If 2020 has taught us anything its that small businesses have heart, integrity, and could use some extra love this year.

Base Coat Nail Salon

Founded on the belief that beauty should always support our well-being and health, Base Coat is the first non-toxic nail salon in Denver, CO. Founded by Tran Wills.

What we love

Base Coat is disrupting the status quo in the nail industry by putting their employees and nail artists first. From safety to fair wages, Base Coat is changing the narrative on what should be expected for employees and customers in salons. Not only do we love the products and services, but their spaces are beautiful and their playlist is always top notch — making for a truly holistic and unmatched self-care experience.

Our favorite item

Eucalyptus Breathable (10-free) Nail Polish
This warm gray color fits perfectly with my capsule wardrobe — and you can’t go wrong with the non-toxic ingredients.


Superfood wellness and skincare kits to feel your best, naturally. Founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford.

What we love

You know I’m all about no frills and ease. Which is why I love Golde and their mission so much — they believe that wellness should be easy and accessible; and they are making it happen! What started out as an idea in a 1-bedroom apartment in 2017 is now a thriving and booming, small-but-mighty team providing superfood essentials to the wellness conscious community.

Our favorite item

Clean Greens Purifying Face Mask
This face mask is made with 100% safe ingredients — so safe that it’s edible. It contains chlorella, spirulina,
and mango juice. It’s basically a green, detoxifying smoothie for your skin!

Mount Lai

Skincare products that are formulated in collaboration with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, using herbs intentionally selected for their healing and beneficial properties. Founded by Stephanie Zheng.

What we love

Taking care of myself is always one of my priorities and I definitely love a touch of luxury that Mount Lai provides. The esthetician recipes have been shared and passed down from generation to generation in Stephanie’s family. She combines non-toxic skincare with time-tested ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and backed by science.

Our favorite item

The Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool
I love to use this after a long day at work. The ritual helps me decompress and it helps lift and firm my skin!

The Honey Pot

Non-toxic products for all your feminine care needs. Founded by Bea Dixon.

What we love

Using the power of herbs, Bea Dixon found a way to improve her vaginal health naturally and now shares her products with women all over the country! Not only are The Honey Pot products good for us (hello, non-toxic) but they are also cruelty-free and biodegradable — and that’s something that we can all be proud of.

Our favorite item

Menstrual Cup
This cup is a sustainable alternative to feminine care products that is free from latex, harmful chemicals, or phthalates. No need to worry about running out of my disposable feminine care items anymore!

Peak + Valley

Potent mushroom and herbal supplements for holistic wellness. Founded by Nadine Joseph.

What we love

While studying neuroscience, Nadine became interested in the  mechanisms behind stress— and that’s when she discovered adaptogens.She learned that herbs and mushrooms helped balance the body’s reaction to stress, all while supporting immune functions, brain health, and skin complexion. After seeing how much adaptogens, like reishi mushroom and ashwagandha, helped improve her own health she started Peak + Valley. A way to share science-backed, pure and potent adaptogens supplements directly with her community.

Our favorite item

Balance My Stress Herbal Blend
This herbal blend can be added to any liquid to help support your wellbeing. It contains ashwagandha which helps the body’s stress response, reishi mushrooms to reduce inflammation and enhance the immune system, eleuthero root to naturally increase energy, and cocoa which benefits your cognitive function and cardiovascular system (and for that chocolatey goodness)!

Do you have a favorite WOC-owned small business that didn’t make the list? Drop a comment below or reach out to hi@curatewell.co to share with us. It’s our mission to make our space one of inclusion and allyship, so this won’t be the last you’ll see of posts like this one, and we’d love to include your favorites next time!


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