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Jun 25, 2021

Sometimes, it may seem like we’re all business. But what we’re inspired by behind the scenes plays a huge role in our design process, business inspiration, community creation, and team culture.

We love to partner with brands that share our values, aesthetic, and intentions. At Curate Well Co. integrity is a foundation of everything we do. So, when we promote something, it’s because we truly believe in the company and people behind it. If we’re an affiliate of a brand, it’s because our team knows, trusts, uses, and—most importantly—loves it. They align with our culture of wellness, our simplistic, yet sophisticated, style and the lifestyle that fuels our business.

Below you’ll find all our links and discount codes to shop our favorites and bring a little Curate Well Co. into your daily style and routine! *Please note: these are affiliate links and codes, meaning that if you purchase through these links or use one of our codes, we’ll earn a small commission on your purchase. We appreciate your support, and hope you love these products as much as we do!


Lifestyle Affiliates

Almond Cow

Shop Almond Cow using our link. For $15.00 off your order use code: PIA

Why we love them: Easy, clean nut milk in less than 30 seconds. Pick your ingredients, save $, easy cleanup.


Shop Allbirds using our link.

Why we love them: Not only are their products comfortable, but their simplistic design matches any style—plus they use sustainable materials and are a certified B Corp (major bonus).

Our Favorites: Women’s Wool Runners


Shop Away using our link to get $20.00 off your purchase.

Why we love them: I love their streamlined simple designs. They are modern and sleek — which is a major contrast to the majority of luggage we I see.

Our Favorites: Love their white Carry-On. So chic!

Artifact Uprising

Shop Artifact Uprising using our link.

Why we love them: A simple yet beautiful way to store and display your favorite moments — in line with our minimal style!

Berkey Water Filter Systems

Shop Berkey using our link.

Why we love them: Berkey offers a system that purifies and cleans my water — the container is large enough that it requires little maintenance and the water tastes great!

Our Favorites: I use my Berkey for all my water consumption, which means the largest system (6 gallons), the Crown Berkey, is perfect for my household.

Branch Basics

Shop Branch Basics using our link.

Why we love them: I love that I can clean my entire home with non-toxic products — plus their clear bottles are great for my minimalistic style.

Our Favorites: You can clean ANYTHING with the Branch Basics Oxygen Boost.


Defii Botanicals

Shop Defii Botanicals using our link.

Why we love them: Natural skincare, made in small batches, that contributes to social good. What’s not to love?!

Our Favorites: The Body Butter is incredibly luxurious.


Gigi Pip

Shop Gigi Pip using our link.

Why we love them: This U.S-based businesses creates the most fashionable, high-quality hats on the market.

Our favorite: The Sloan Straw Hat and the Billie Tall Fedora


Shop Everlane using our link.

Why we love them: Affordable, high quality staple pieces for any capsule wardrobe.

Our favorites: The ReCotton Tee, The Easy Raglan Tee, The Air Cotton Tee, and The Wide Leg Crop Pant.


Shop Fellow using our link.

Why we love them: Berkey offers a system that purifies and cleans my water — the container is large enough that it requires little maintenance and the water tastes great!

Our Favorites: The Ode Brew Grinder not only preps my morning coffee each day, but it looks beeeeeautiful on my kitchen counter.


Shop Lululemon using our link.

Why we love them: Umm, have you tried the Align pants yet? Really, no other athletic or athliesure gear compares. It’s worth the price.

Our favorites: Anything Align (we like the 25” pant), On The Fly joggers, All Yours Tank or Tee are our current faves, but truthfully, we’ll buy anything.


Shop Madewell using our link.

Why we love them: From comfy casual to chic Madewell has it all. They have everything you could want to fill your wardrobe. Plus they have a wonderful repair, reuse, recycle program, which I love!

Our favorites: It might be easier to ask what isn’t my favorite! 😉 These Robbie Sling Back Mules are pretty great though!


Shop MATE using our link.

Why we love them: MATE has the most luxurious staples you’ll find.

Our favorites: The Organic Cotton Raw Neck Boxy Tee is our top choice for an elevated everyday, relaxed look.

Our Place

Shop Our Place using our link.

Why we love them: Not only are their products none toxic, but they have the most beautiful kitchen pan you’ll ever own.

Our Favorites: The Always Pan — I could look at this pan all day.

Parker Clay

Shop Parker Clay using our link.

Why we love them: Ethically + sustainably made leather goods that will last a lifetime — based in one of our favorite towns, Santa Barbara. Plus, their imagery makes us swoon!

Our favorites: The Marketo Tote is a staple. We also love the Sand collection!

Primally Pure

Shop Primally Pure using our link. For a 10% discount on your purchase use code: CURATE

Why we love them: Non-toxic personal care products that we can trust (and that actually work) — plus, their aesthetic?! These products look great sitting on your bathroom counter.

Our favorites: The Everything Spray and Dry Shampoo are must haves, and we lip balms stored in ever pocket/car console/nightstand. We also love their skin-specific serums!


Shop SeaVees using our link.

Why we love them: They have classic, casual style shoes for everyday — perfect for my capsule wardrobe.

Our favorites: You can’t go wrong with the Baja Slip On Platform + Monterey Sneaker Classic shoes.


For 20% off use discount code: CURATE

Why we love them: Full spectrum hemp products made from only the hemp flowers which are processed to keep the integrity of the extracted terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. You won’t find a higher quality CBD supplement on the market.

Our favorites: Daily Drops, Daily Oil, and Face + Body Serum


Shop Thinx using our link.

Why we love them: Sustainable period products that don’t leak? I’m ALL in.

Our favorites: I love the look of the Hi-Waist style—simple yet stylish.

Vital Proteins

Shop Vital Proteins using our link.

Why we love them: A quality collagen supplement that supports healthy hair, skin, nails, and digestion.

Our favorites: We add Collagen Peptides to our coffee or matcha every single morning. The Gelatin is great for bulletproof coffee and/or hot beverages. We also love the Beef Liver capsules for supplementation!

W+P Designs

Shop W+P Designs using our link.

Why we love them: A perfect combination of function and form—these are products that can keep up with our busy lives, and look darn good in the process.

Our favorites: Everything in the Porter collection, especially the Porter mugs!


Business Affiliates


Design and building our aesthetic has always been an important part of our company structure. Canva is our go-to content creation platform. We have our brand logo, fonts, and colors saved on our account which makes it easy to share among the team and create consistent content. It’s perfect if you’re still DIYing your brand or aren’t an Adobe Creative Suite expert!


We manage all our internal goals, sprints, and projects in the intuitive project management software ClickUp. We love that this platform also allows us to track our time worked as well.


Managing our clients has never come with more ease or efficiency since we switched to using Dubsado. The platform makes it easy to communicate with our clients, export reports, schedule appointments, and so much more.Use discount code: CURATE10 to apply your discount when you subscribe to your own Dubsado account.


Flodesk makes it easy to create and publish email newsletters that match your brand style. Click here to get 50% off your monthly subscription.


Gusto is an all-in-one platform that helps small businesses mange time tracking, payroll, and benefits. Wether you are working with full-time employees or contractors Gusto can help keep everything organized and compliant.


We use Kartra to host our digital programs, online courses and memberships, manage our email marketing, and build our sales funnels. It’s a one-stop shop for squeeze pages, course creation, and email marketing—and even integrates seamlessly with their sister company WebinarJam.


Planoly is our platform for managing and scheduling Instagram posts. It makes it so easy to schedule our marketing efforts while keeping our social media boundaries in check.

The Artist’s Lawyer

The Artist’s Lawyer provides completely done-for-you contract templates and tools, created by an artist turned attorney for for educators, florists, planners, shop owners, creatives, photographers, influencers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and so much more.


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