If you’re anything like us, your online shopping habit has picked up in 2020. Since we’re social distancing, we’ve been staying away from malls and big stores. Outside of a few local retail spots we love, we’ve been spending our money online this year. And because COVID has improved the online shopping experience even more […]

2020 Gift Guide

Nov 4, 2020


Parker Clay is committed to empowering women with a meaningful and sustainable livelihood and professional skills in Ethiopia — which is where they source their leather from.

A Social Impact Company with Products You’ll Actually Want to Buy

Nov 1, 2020


  Have you ever gotten a gift that made you pause? Earlier this summer, the city of Denver, where I live, gave a water pitcher with a built in filter to every single household in the city. I came home one day to find it on my doorstep with an infographic about how outdated and […]

A Simple Switch for Full Body Health

Oct 15, 2020


I like to keep my closet filled strictly with the essentials. Timeless articles that cater to my need for comfort and ease — and a touch of sophistication. Everything MATE produces meets all of those points. When we were shopping around for the perfect shirt for our Curate Well Co. branded apparel we knew we […]

My Favorite Essential Pieces with MATE

Sep 28, 2020


As their head designer put it, Madewell is for “anyone who appreciates timeless designs that put you at ease.” (Um, hi. It’s me.) 👋🏼 👋🏾 👋🏿 When I’m being selective about what to add to my capsule wardrobe there are three things I look for: Ease Comfort Elevated-style And Madewell hits all of those points. […]

Capture Your Authenticity With Madewell

Sep 17, 2020


My health is my top priority (I need to feel well to show up for our community and clients), but frankly, I don’t have time for a crazy supplement routine. I need products that give me a little boost without a big ordeal. I want to add nutrients to my diet that don’t require an […]

The Dietary Supplement We Use Every Day

Sep 10, 2020


  Okay, let’s just avoid the weirdness and dive right in: this is a blog post about periods. Specifically, all the things we know you can relate to about womanhood and navigating our cycles in the midst of all the other life things (like building businesses, maintaining our social lives, trying to keep our plants […]

The New Period Product We’re Surprisingly in Love With

Aug 17, 2020


  When I made the commitment to live intentionally, I didn’t leave a stone unturned. Everything that comes in my path, and especially in my home, I have thought out and chosen for a reason. When you choose to invest in things that you love (with intention), you’ll not only cut down on clutter and […]

Form and Function: Our Favorite Brand that Embodies Both

Aug 9, 2020


  I haven’t always worn hats, but the first time I tried on one of Gigi Pip’s I instantly fell in love. Their hats quickly became my favorite (not to mention easiest) way to elevate any look. My favorite style I own is the Wes Fedora — but I’ve had my eye on their gorgeous […]

The Simplest Way to Elevate Any Look

Jul 27, 2020


Okay, here’s a peek into #reallife—I hardly ever wear pants. Seriously, one of the reasons I started my own business was so that I could “go to work” without ever having to get dressed. One of the silver linings of COVID is that now everyone seems to be on the same page as me. At […]

The Brand I’d Pick to Wear Every Day For The Rest of My Life

Jul 17, 2020


  Consuming CBD for its mental and physical health benefits has become a mainstream practice, but as an unregulated (and fairly new) industry, there’s a lot we don’t know about what we’re actually consuming in this trend. If you’re new to cannabis products in general, the industry terms can be confusing. So first things first—let’s […]

CBD Products That are SUPERGOOD

Jul 10, 2020


  We understand every single client and community member brings a unique and diverse perspective and life experience to the table. At Curate Well Co., one of our core values is belonging. Which means that no matter your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability—you belong here. Everyone has a dream and a […]

15 Books About Leadership, Purpose, and Being Your Authentic Self by Black Authors

Jul 6, 2020