Our 3-Minute Skincare Routine for Summer

May 27, 2021

The non-toxic skincare brand our community (and our team) uses the most is Primally Pure! Primally Pure was one of our very first brand partners, and for good reason! Their product line covers everything you need without  your bathroom vanity (minimalism at its finest). 

Today, I’m sharing my low-maintenance skincare routine that keeps my face fresh in the summer. This simple routine is effortless and efficient, and doesn’t complicate my schedule or self-care!




It really doesn’t get easier than this. You can literally use this spray for anything and everything. From facial toner, to treating bug bites and ingrown hairs, I use it for everything. I use this to keep my complexion clear, after cleansing and before moisturizing. I love to give my face a quick spritz throughout the day if I need to freshen up.You can also use this after shaving to avoid irritation or ingrown hairs, under your arms for a quick refresher, and it surprisingly soothes a wide range of inflammatory conditions!


Don’t let the name fool you — it isn’t only for babies. This formula deeply moisturizes and is made of the cleanest, purest, and softest ingredients making it perfect for a low-maintenance moisturizer.


I love the baby bar because it’s fragrance-free, gentle, and easy to lather on in the shower. In the winter, my skin prefers heavier cleansers (like the Cleansing Oil for Normal Skin), but in the summer I love for my skin to feel clean and fresh, wash away sweat, and avoid too much moisture. 


That’s it! I use these three products, once a day, to keep my face clean and clear. The whole routine takes less than 3 minutes. 

To simplify your own routine, you can try these products too, and with a discount! For 10% off your purchase, use discount code: CURATE


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