The Software That Enables Us To Grow Faster + Fuller

Mar 25, 2022

As a business owner + industry leader, you know what busy feels like. New is normal for you, which means you’re constantly figuring out the answer to the next problem, processing your next idea, and navigating a changing environment. We’ve been there (we are there, always) — we know how you feel. And we’re here to both honor your effort and help you take friction-free action. 

In the face of change you deserve to feel supported. You deserve the comfort that comes with knowing all your business information is strategically stacked in a way that enables you to grow your business faster and fuller, and set your team up for success to help you do it. 

With our tech background, we work within the Agile methodology — this means tight feedback loops, rapid iterations, and quick adaptation. It’s part of the reason why we’ve grown so fast. Our secret weapon? 



ClickUp is the project management software on a mission to make the world more productive. With constant new updates and features, and the ability to build any project timeline out, ClickUp can do it all. 


Ways we’ve used ClickUp to grow faster + fuller: 

  • Weekly sprints to keep us on schedule and focused 

In line with our tech roots and our goal to eliminate bottlenecks, we work with an Agile methodology, which means constant improvement. Weekly sprints are one way ClickUp supports our success. Each week, we have a defined list of priorities and the tasks directly beneath those priorities. By using ClickUp’s sprint feature, we’re able to set our sight on one main goal and work towards it. 

  • Infrastructure and ecosystem of company information 

For each of our company departments, there’s a main folder containing all the need-to-know information, processes, systems, and passwords. This means all new team members can quickly scope out the virtual landscape, and become familiar with how we work and what’s involved. 

  • Dashboards for agency client projects and team members

Dashboards enable you to see huge amounts of information quickly. We build new project dashboards for almost all of our agency clients, so at any point during the project, they can log in to their client portal and see at-a-glance what work has been completed, what’s in-progress, and what’s coming. 

All Curate team members also have the option of creating their own personal dashboard to see only the tasks assigned to them. Since we work in weekly sprints, each team member has a few urgent priorities each week. Dashboards increase our company productivity by eliminating distracting information or non-urgent tasks from sight. 

  • Onboarding and offboarding clients 

We’re in the process of transferring our on/offboarding process from spreadsheets to ClickUp, so stay tuned. However, already we’re seeing the benefit in integrating this crucial system with the software we use for 90% of our other processes. 

  • Timelining longer term projects 

Every week, we’re working towards our future goals by chipping away at larger projects. ClickUp helps us do that by sprinting a few tasks each week. We recently released Curate Conversations, the new podcast where you’ll hear truthful insights and timeless stories from leaders to look up to. The first episode dropped in March 2022, but we’ve been building the project management structure and developing workflows since roughly September 2021. What this means: none of our other urgent projects or tasks had to be put on hold or postponed, since we had the software to support an Agile workload. 


As a business leader, you’re constantly going to be on the cutting edge of your industry, stepping into the unknown. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t proactively set yourself up for success by building a backend infrastructure that makes it easier for you to take on new projects and reach for those dizzying goals. 

If you’re ready to deliver your revolutionary solution at scale, consider using ClickUp for your business organization and project management needs. If the thought of building out your infrastructure overwhelms you, and you wish you could wave a magic wand and have it built out, reach out! We’re offering done-for-you ClickUp infrastructure buildouts. 

Click here and use code CURATEWELL15 to take 15% off your first year of ClickUp with either the Unlimited or the Business plan.


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