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Process behind your purpose

who want to intentionally scale while maintaining the integrity of their work
…and without losing connection to their community.




What they're saying

"After working with multiple coaches and within multiple coaching groups I finally decided to invest in myself and my business with 1 on 1 coaching. I never knew truly what I was missing from the other coaches until I started working with Pia. Her former experience and business knowledge really shine through. She gives you tangible and implementable items to slowly but surely overhaul your business at each meeting. Her solutions are creative and effective. She is both your cheerleader and your coach. I walked away increasing my revenue, feeling confident as a business owner, and with clear goals of my next steps. I can't wait to continue working together!"

-Taylor, Owner of Function First Chiropractic

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Annual Planning Spreadsheet

Get out from under the pile of sticky notes you’re drowning in and plan your most impactful and profitable year yet with a spreadsheet you and your team can refer back to throughout the year.

Pour a cup of strong coffee and settle in. YOU ARE SEEN, HEARD, AND KNOWN HERE.

You’re a powerful woman — a real woman.

uncompromising who you uniquely are to be successful
unwilling to sacrifice practicality in the pursuit of possibility
using your intrinsic abilities to create an immense vision
boldly taking aligned action to pave new paths for others to step into
harnessing the power of your innate emotional intelligence
leading with compassion — people are the heartbeat of everything you do

You’re a catalyst for transforming the world around you.


At Curate Well Co.
we Put Process
Behind Your purpose.

Because more people need to hear your message.

And with the right intuitive systems in place,
we can amplify it.

So that you can become an unstoppable leader in the world and change thousands of lives.


What they're saying

"Pia's expertise is clearly organization and systems. But where she went above and beyond for me is that she got in the trenches of our business to give us specific and meaningful suggestions on everything from how to launch a new product to copywriting and editing posts to produce the most value and engagement. This was the MOST helpful part of working with her - she's truly gifted and willing to go the extra mile to give you high level support that results in $$. We've 4xed our revenue from last year and the year isn't even over yet!"

- Michelle, Co-Founder of Wellth Works

Content Creation Calendar

Stop worrying about what to post and stop getting frustrated when you put time into your content only to see no ROI, low engagement, or an incohesive feed. This spreadsheet will help you calendarize ideas, create compelling content, and capture data so you can iterate intentionally!

QUIZ: Do You Know Your ICA?

Your community is at the heart of everything you do. You need to know them in order to create relatable content, message your offer effectively, and attract and convert more ideal clients — take this quiz to find out if you do!

What they're saying

"Working with Pia was the best investment I've made in my business. She had an actionable solution for every problem I came to her with. She helped me find the clarity I needed, the strategy I was craving and the sustainability I had been working towards. I'm so grateful for this partnership and cannot recommend it enough. It was worth every penny and I'm thrilled to continue to put all we've done to use."

- Kelley, Owner of Root to Rise 

Hey, I’m Pia!

CEO, spreadsheet queen, & black coffee drinker

If you asked any of the friends I grew up with if I was going to be an entrepreneur, the answer would have been a resounding “YES” (from them! I had no idea…)

Looking back now, it makes sense that the girl who used to sell everything from baked goods to handmade bracelets at a stand on the side of the street (I’ll admit — unsuccessfully) was going to make it. 

I’ve always been a natural leader — so it only makes sense that I spend my days leading a community of truly incredible women to create an incredible impact in their own unique way.

My clients appreciate my no-BS approach (I always get straight to the point). My zone of genius is making seemingly complicated things straightforward by taking big-picture vision and turning it into concrete goals — with scalable systems and over-the-top care to honor the really human elements of a business.

I put process behind your purpose. 

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I can't wait to meet you!

What they're saying

"Investing in working with Pia 1x1 has been one of the most important decisions of my year. When I first signed up to work with Pia, I didn’t realize it would have this much of an impact on my career. Pia has changed the game for my business this year, thank you thank you Pia."

- Amy, Owner of True Core Health, Therapist

What they're saying

"Pia is an unstoppable force! She combines intentional business concepts with action and organizing. There is no fluff or BS. You won't learn the latest trends in entrepreneurship, but you will learn how to actually grow a profitable business. Pia stepped in and eliminated the doubt, excuses and questions about what I should be working on first. She provided me with a clear roadmap and gave insightful guidance along the way. Best of all she empowered me to take the necessary steps and make decisions on my own. So, no done for you stuff or hand-holding here. This is the real deal! I can't say enough about how supported I felt by Pia and her team. She helped me gain clarity and zero in on what would be essential to move my business into the money-making stage. Let's just say she is a miracle worker!"

- Catherine Aquila

Upcoming events

You're Invited


You’ve likely done some work to identify your ICA (ideal client avatar), but chances are — you don’t know them in as much detail as you could.

FRIDAY FEB 26th at 10a MST


Join us on zoom for a midday coffee break full of connection and (virtual) socialization! Each session will run for 30 minutes and group sizes will be capped at 6 to allow everyone to participate and be fully seen and heard.  If you’re anything like us, you have goals to expand your community in the […]

Friday, March 12 at 11a-12:30p MST


A strategic approach to creating content that resonates with your ICA   If you’ve been spinning your wheels, creating content on the fly, but not quite seeing the ROI, join us for a webinar where we’ll break down our systematic approach to creating content that doesn’t fall flat.   Whether you need a new take […]


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