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May 4, 2022

Strategic messaging + clean systems allows Peak Interactive Wellness to offer cutting edge mental health treatments



Bailie Cronin | Peak Interactive Wellness 

Bailie Cronin is a private psychiatry practice owner located in Denver, CO. Originally from South Dakota, Bailie has been in Colorado for nearly a decade and in that time, has been making a mark on the psychiatry community. She is a doctorally prepared board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) with prescriptive authority providing treatment across the lifespan for psychiatric ailments and disorders. Bailie is the CEO and medical director of her practice, Peak Interactive Wellness, which has grown to a team of 9. She studies Functional Medicine, is a believer in the psychedelic renaissance, is adjunct clinical faculty at The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, strives to be a high EQ leader, and is pushing barriers in her field. Bailie is a new mom, on top of everything else.



Bailie is a Denver-based nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, and private practice owner of Peak Interactive Wellness, a mental health practice seeking to bring vitality to a tired field. For everything her business could be, Bailie’s dream is simple: “I want my practice to feel like a hug.” Her aim is to help every patient feel safe, secure, and held. When Bailie traveled to Santa Barbara to spend a weekend with us at Curate Well Co. HQ, she was at a crossroads: As a new mom to a five month old, Bailie didn’t have enough hours in the day. The longer she thought about her business, her to-do list only got longer: Thanks to COVID moving appointments online, telehealth wasn’t the shiny object of her practice anymore. Bailie needed administrative support to streamline her processes, a better way to communicate with clients, and at the end of the day, she was craving a method to reach the masses with her industry-leading philosophies and offerings for medication management and mental health. Navigating parenthood, infancy, and mom brain fog, Bailie was bogged down–all the while, she was trying to finish her functional medicine training, too. Bailie landed in Santa Barbara determined to make a change, and after a weekend with us, she left with plans.



We planned Bailie’s weekend in Santa Barbara to the hour, but not at the cost of spontaneity. For our consulting day at Curate Well Co. HQ, here’s what we accomplished:

  • AUDIT: We audited the broad strokes of Bailie’s business ahead of time to hone in on our strategy for the day, delivering insights and opportunities for her branding, marketing, social media strategy, and processes
  • INDUSTRY MENTORS: We connected Bailie with eight other wellness practitioners from the Curate Well Co. rolodex  to expand her network and equip her with the support of other mom-business-owners
  • FINANCIAL CLARITY: We gave Bailie a new, better way to track the financials of her practice (including insurance payments and practitioner distributions) with a powerful spreadsheet custom made for her practice
  • IDEAL CLIENT: We crafted an ideal client profile for Bailie’s practice, which then informed the brand story and complete website copy we re-wrote for her
  • NEW IDEAS INTO ACTIONABLE TO-DOS: We held space for Bailie’s big ideas and served as a sounding board for her thoughts on new treatments she could offer with the right physical office space
  • DOCUMENTATION: We created SOPs to streamline the onboarding process for new patients, and equip her new administrative employee to take this function off her plate completely
  • MARKETING: We helped Bailie establish a LinkedIn page and an Instagram Business profile with a strategic editorial calendar to start marketing her practice online



There’s a lot of reasons we wanted to pull out all the stops for Bailie’s visit to Santa Barbara. Even though her arrival would’ve been a cause for celebration regardless, it happened to be Bailie’s birthday when she touched down in California–and that’s even more reason to celebrate. Prior to her consulting day at Curate Well Co. HQ, we booked a waterfront cruise and a birthday dinner at The Lark in SB for Bailie and her family. And because Bailie’s a new mom, we knew we wanted to give her the opportunity to get away and relax. But first, we had big plans to make.

We built our consulting day around good food, soft music, lavender oat milk lattes (Bailie’s favorite), and of course, plenty of spreadsheets (Pia’s favorite). We kicked things off by diving deep into the processes and procedures of Bailie’s practice. Together, we drafted SOPs for the entire patient inquiry process, folding in systems and tech-driven touchpoints to optimize the client experience and make Bailie’s life easier. From there, we set our sights on excavating Bailie’s unique selling point so we could craft connection-driven brand messaging to match. After Bailie’s family visited for lunch, we worked together to open a LinkedIn page and establish an Instagram Business profile, complete with an editorial calendar to kick things off with big impact. A hard day’s work was rewarded with a massage for Bailie and actionable steps for the future of Peak Interactive Wellness.

After she returned to Denver, we circled back with Bailie for a virtual follow up appointment so we could unpack our weekend in Santa Barbara. In that meeting, we resolved lingering action items, shared our wins, and above all, we helped Bailie tie up loose ends and prepare for the next phase of our game plan.

Our IRL Immersion offering is equal parts focused work sessions, and treating you to some much-deserved R+R. We welcome your baby, partner, and life into the session with us, crafting a custom itinerary that meets you where you are, and highlights the things you love to do. After a long work day, our team spends a month implementing what we cover, creating deliverables, and holding you accountable to putting the strategies we create in place. It’s the perfect opportunity to focus on your business with a strategic partner, away from your everyday life where distractions get in the way.



“It was lovely. Everyone I interacted with was so kind and professional. I enjoyed hearing an outside perspective and having someone else to brainstorm ideas with. And at times when my new mom brain wasn’t quite working, Pia’s brain did 110% of the work. [I’m excited that I now have] a more organized way to track financials, an improved system for scheduling new clients (it’s been working great!), new branding, and new website copy. Pia really tried to learn my business and practice so that she could help me in ways I needed. I definitely think this is a strength of Curate Well Co…Pia and CWco. are excellent at what they do — which is help give you a new look at your business and what you can do to improve, grow, or make things flow smoother. I liked doing a deep dive into my business and getting an outside perspective. The best part was getting some help on things that I was stuck on. The onboarding went smoothly and being in California was an excellent break from “real life” but it also helped me to stay away from the day-to-day of my business while also focusing on it in-depth.”


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