in an industry that is desperately calling for something different.

change narratives. redefine norms.



You're a woman-identifying leader who climbed the corporate ladders, left behind impressive client portfolios, and spent decades getting great at what you do.

Now, you’re in the thick of running your business, which means you can’t always see what’s possible for you. We can and we do.

You won't get vague direction (and we won't waste your time, energy or investment) but we will give both strategy and action steps, and invite you to use your voice to create a new version of your industry.

You’ll join us in Santa Barbara, CA for a one, three, or 5 day consulting experience for you and your team. 

Think of this as your team offsite — better when done outside of your office, with a white board for big ideas, and a cup of coffee to keep us focused on bringing your vision to fruition.

In an increasingly digital age, your best ideas will come when you can step away, be fully supported in a new space, and partner with someone who can synthesize your ideas into a seamless strategy.


Let's partner, in person, to plan for your intentional growth

in person, off site

This experience will be completely curated to you, because we know that leadership in the face of continuous growth can be draining, and you deserve to be poured into the way you pour into others. 

Let us see what's possible for you and your business before you do, and give you customized solutions to help you get there. Through a deep-dive in person coaching + consulting experience, and done with you creation in a specific area of your business that will leave you with a start-to-finish strategy.

Through our work together, you’ll become a thought-leader that’s defining something new in your niche, and build a community of bought-in brand champions that support your timeless mission. 



You’ll join us in Santa Barbara, CA for a one, three, or five day curated experience that’s centered around deep business strategy, and includes a healthy dose of caring for you as a leader.

Think: a customized experience + itinerary based on your personal preferences, a permission slip to enjoy some much needed time honoring yourself as an owner outside of your business, and uninterrupted and undivided attention on your big business goals and needs.

integrate a deep understanding of customer needs, refine company operations, and deliver A captivating consumer experience


We excel at supporting you 1x1 as a strategic partner within your business. Our clients experience big shifts in their business because we offer individualized strategies that bring their impact to fruition in a unique way. At Curate Well Co., our goal is to be your second brain, finish your sentences, and synthesize your ideas so you can not only make sense of them, but also execute on them seamlessly. 


one day investment

Pay in Full: $6,000 
Deposit, then PIF: $1,000 deposit, $5,000
Deposit, then 2x PP: $1,000, 2x $2,500

ONE DAY is a great if you are a one-woman show, and are ready to take action and stay on task. This is a great option if you have 4 or fewer items you'd like to address in our time together.


Bring your team: 
• You’re welcome to bring team members with you to your IRL Immersion. Additional fees may apply in order for us to accommodate a bigger group
• As many team members as you’d like can join our Slack channel, and get support from Pia and the CWco. team
• As many team members as you’d like can join the follow up call

• Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis
• You must secure your spot at least 60 days prior to your VIP day

You’ll become a thought-leader that’s defining something new in your niche, and build a community of bought-in brand champions that support your timeless mission.

three day investment

Pay in Full: $12,000 
Deposit, then PIF: $1,000 deposit, $11,000
Deposit, then 2x PP: $1,000, 2x $5,500

THREE DAY is great if you are a team of 2-3, like to have more time/space to talk things through and explore what’s coming up, and/or have multiple focuses you’d like support with.


Pay in Full: $18,000 
Deposit, then PIF: $1,000 deposit, $17,000
Deposit, then 2x PP: $1,000, 2x $8,500

FIVE DAY is great if you are a team of 3+, and want strategic support that touches every area of your business, leaving you with a comprehensive strategy.


You’ll get read-between-the-lines feedback on everything you’ve already done, with implementable action steps to close gaps you didn’t see, and then we can jump right in when you arrive for your IRL immersion, ready to get to work.

I day | 6 hours consulting 
3 day | 15 hours consulting 
5 day | 25 hours consulting 

You’ll get uninterrupted and undivided attention on your business — focused and intentional, we’ll hold the space for organic breakthroughs.

Meals + Snacks

Save your mental space for planning for your business. You show up, and we’ll take care of everything, including reservations based on your preferences (and restrictions) so you can just be present.

Intentional Breaks

We’ll plan to show you what we love about Santa Barbara, based on how you like to vacation. Take a moment to soak in some time for you or experience a special place and get inspired.

Special Treat

We’ll book a special experience just for you. You’ll be supported and cared for the way you do for others — let us honor you as a leader, and not just in your business.

Individual material reviewal, and done with you co-creation in Slack for 1 month

You’ll have someone in your business editing copy, reviewing pitches, building spreadsheets, and navigating tough situations. You’ll experience a co-founder type relationship — except you still own 100% of your business!

You’ll have time to digest and implement following our day together and still be able to get support.

75 min follow up call


"After I did the VIP Day with Pia — which was INCREDIBLE — I had some major aha moments. I came into the VIP Day thinking I knew where I wanted to go and had it all figured out ... but then I realized I wasn't in full alignment. That led me to making a MASSIVE decision for my business. Pia absorbed what I told her and came back tenfold with even more incredible support! She took my pivot and knew exactly how to take what we did on the VIP day and transform other parts to it. She's shown the same level of excitement for building this new pivot with me as she was on the actual VIP day. Having Pia's brain working with me makes me feel so supported that the excitement I'm feeling for my business and its direction is something I haven't felt in a very long time or to be honest, ever!"

"the excitement I'm feeling for my business and its direction is something I haven't felt in a very long time or to be honest, ever!"



ANDREA ROSSI, HERBALIST + food systems consultant o international food security

"This program was like nothing I had ever experienced. I think what helps it stand-apart is that it roots the work in your own personal vision, wants & needs. So many programs just start with the niche or the business framework without taking this into consideration - I’ve done these programs. Then, you end up with something completely out of alignment with the vision and goals you have for yourself, leaving you burned-out frustrated, and starting back at square one. Pia skillfully moves self-inquiry into a framework for your business - so skillfully that I didn’t even realize it was happening until all of a sudden I had a program that felt more “me” than anything previously! Also, the worksheets are gold even by themselves - they have already dominated my workflows, helping to guided my progress, keep my on-track and boundaried, and pointing me towards my bigger vision throughout the process. Overall, Pia, your genius is apparent through-and-through in this work - feel so freaking lucky to have this offer available."





"The first 6 months of 2021 (within the mastermind) I brought in more income and more clients than in all of 2020 combined. Not only that, but most of my new offerings now are bringing in past clients for repeat business which has NEVER happened before. My revenue has increased over 400% since January. I have systems in place for leads, onboarding, messaging that I'm really excited about. I have consistent leads thanks to actually tracking them now, and have a clear direction in which I want to take my business 3, 5, and 10 years from now. The webinar I hosted with Hatch last night had almost 100 attendees and everyone was super engaged and into it."

"My revenue has increased over 400% since January."



This is a great fit if

You aren’t willing to sacrifice practicality in the pursuit of possibility. You appreciate the spiritual, instinctual side of business, but want structure and a sexy spreadsheet to keep you grounded. You want strategies that are custom-tailored to your personality and business. You have a people-first philosophy, and want to scale without losing connection to your community.

This is not a great fit if

You’re looking for support to execute the newest trend, instead of build a timeliness company. You’re easily overwhelmed, or you resist structure. You want things to be easy rather than intentional. You don’t want to think critically about what works for you or how you can best take aligned action to achieve your goals. Your first priority is to make as much money as fast as you can.

CEO of Curate Well Co. and business consultant

Hey, I’m Pia!

I’m a coffee enthusiast, believe logistics are a love language, and consider building spreadsheets an art form. 

Through business strategy, scale-supporting structure, and seamless go-to-market savvy, my role is to care about the details as much as you do, so you can make a difference in the way only you can.

From integrating a deep understanding of customer needs, to refining company operations, to delivering captivating consumer experiences and community-driven brands, I help small businesses change narratives and redefine norms in industries that are desperately calling for something different. 

I love to partner with you to add a perspective that feels like it's coming from within your business, to add structure and business strategy to your deep expertise so you can show up as the leader you are, set a new standard in your industry, and deliver your work to more people in a meaningful way. 

How to get started

Complete your application and share your business goals with us. We’ll go through your application to make sure we’re a good fit.

complete your application

I want to REALLY understand your goals and challenges, give you all the details of the program, and answer any questions you have.

Get on a discovery call

Complete the invoice and agreement to confirm your spot. From there, our team will support you in getting set up, with a few surprises along the way!

Confirm your spot


One that surrounds you with people who are courageously doing things differently and will support your ideas without stealing them. One that doesn't exploit the idea of community to generate revenue, but is focused on connecting YOU to people who YOU can collaborate with and YOUR BUSINESS can benefit from. One that puts you first, is welcoming to everyone — regardless of their status — and holds you and your unique talent in the highest respect. One founded on true relationship-building, that makes you feel seen and heard.

"To say that Pia is knowledgeable and skilled at what she does would be an understatement. She is easily the best in her space. I approached Pia for help building my social media strategy, and I left with EVERYTHING I needed to grow my brand. This included defining my content pillars, types of content, brainstorming ideas, and then all the spreadsheets I need to track outcomes on posts to ensure that I can adjust my strategy as needed. I have been able to double my follower count without sacrificing my engagement in the month since working together and I’m so excited to continue using the strategies that Pia gave me." 


"To say that Pia is knowledgeable and skilled at what she does would be an understatement"




"Pia and Curate Well Co. are the real deal. She's 2-3xed my first revenue goals and I KNOW she won't play around with your business, either. If you want to achieve the goals that are in your mind (plus the ones you daren't even speak out loud), WORK WITH PIA. There is no one better to take you from Point A to Z — to blow your goals out of the water, and set you up for even BIGGER ones, than you see right now. It's hard to know who to trust in this online space, but Pia is a MASTER of growing and nurturing brands, guiding business leaders to build and scale to brag-worthy results. She does NOT waste your time, energy, or investment."

"It's hard to know who to trust in this online space, but Pia is a MASTER of growing and nurturing brands."



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