Building + Rebuilding Brands to Bridge Services with IRL Experiences

May 4, 2022

Refreshing Alex’s brand to create a strong foundation for a new venture



Alex Jensen | Manifest It Collective | Moonbeams 

Alex Jensen is the Creative Director and Founder of Manifest It Collective. Manifest It is nothing like your average agency; it’s a creative collective of like-minded people, all with the same goal – to do good. Good for their clients and with their clients, clients who want to change the world through good design for a greater mission. Alex is a total typography nerd, a lover of all things tactile and textural, a believer in sustainable-first solutions and has now embraced the learnings and importance of slowing down in life after a 10 year career in corporate advertising. Alex deeply cares about details and that translates through all of her and Manifest It’s creative executions.


Alex is the creative brain behind Manifest It Collective, a design studio crafting magnetic, conceptually aligned brand experiences for artists, makers, and visionaries who want to serve their greater mission through good design. Valuing genuine connection with a holistic approach, Alex is radically intentional and diligent with the details–and it shows in her work. When Alex came to Curate Well Co., she was struggling to communicate the level of expertise that goes into her process, let alone its far-reaching impact for her clients. Compounded by the fact that there was a disconnect with the people that “just get it” on social media and beyond, Alex knew that something had to change. With big plans for a new in-person offering and creative retreat experience in Upstate NY, clarity was essential to support an exciting new season for Manifest It Collective. 



We put the Full Stack philosophy to work as we helped Alex accomplish the following:

For her Creative Design Studio, Manifest-It Collective

  • IDEAL CLIENT: With an in-depth ICA profile, we helped Alex get specific about the meaningful details of the perfect Manifest It client to attract more people willing to invest in her technically-exact process
  • BRAND MESSAGING: Once we knew Alex’s client, we put our heads together to craft compelling, results-driven website copy, but not before channeling our messaging direction with detailed mission, vision, and values statements
  • OFFERING REFINEMENT: We refined Alex’s offer suite to clearly communicate the expansiveness of her talent (and book more clients, more consistently)
  • UPLEVELED POSITIONING: We worked together to help Alex build the confidence (and the pitch deck) to pursue bigger clients
  • IRL OFFERINGS: We built out a business strategy with an actionable plan and must-have offers to launch IRL experiences and creative retreats on Alex’s property in Upstate New York

For her new venture, a creative retreat destination in Upstate New York, Moonbeams

  • IDEAL CLIENT: We created multiple ideal client profiles, to better understand the different types of visitors she was expecting at her property, and what they’d be looking for in their experience 
  • BRAND MESSAGING: We wrote brand messaging and full website copy for the Moonbeams platform, which was later extended into campaign collateral for her launch party, crowdfunding campaign, and partnership pitches
  • MARKET OPPORTUNITIES: We identified the many formats of offerings at Moonbeams, integrating Alex’s skills, her partner Graham’s skills, and the new elements emerging from the property itself
  • MARKETING: We helped Alex craft a social media calendar for both of her platforms, to increase engagement and grow her community of bought-in brand champions — both locally near her property and online

Alex’s rock solid foundation has empowered her to book more business, raise her rates, and launch Moonbeams, a creative destination to nurture your artistry, nourish your mind and body, and be inspired by like-minded thinkers. To date, Alex is serving clients she loves and gearing up to host life-giving gatherings for creative spirits on Moonbeams’ thirty eight acres in Upstate New York. 



Clarity was the name of the game for Alex, so we started by creating detailed ICA profiles that would inform the voice of her brand so her message resonates with clients that light her up. From there, we put in the work to determine why Manifest It Collective is decidedly different, getting our thoughts out on paper through in-depth brand stories, manifestos, and mission statements. The new website copy that followed was affirming in every way as we teased out the details that failed to connect before. As we launched Moonbeams from the ground up, we knew that Alex would need a broad, purpose-driven idea to connect her work as a designer and the entrepreneur behind a transformative, in-person experience. At the end of the day, Alex came to us seeking a strategic partner who could serve as the “business brain” to her conceptual, free flowing mind–and we did just that.



“Working with Pia and the Curate Well Co. team exceeded my expectations. It’s the biggest investment I’ve made in my business thus far and I was so pleased with our working relationship that I even extended our initial contract. Pia is the strategic business partner I didn’t know I needed – she fit seamlessly into my business, has become our second brain and I can’t thank her enough. I’m excited to continue to apply all the knowledge I’ve gained as I grow and evolve. My goal was to rebrand my creative collective, Manifest It Collective, revamp our offerings, rewrite our messaging and launch our new website. Also, to brand and launch a second creative business, Moonbeams and make it a seamless extension of Manifest It and my partners business. I was struggling with accountability, having the tools and resources to scale my business and having a strategic business partner to bounce all the ideas I had in my head. I discovered having someone to keep me accountable, plan and set goals with was very helpful for me and allowed me to accomplish A LOT in a short amount of time. My wins are that I branded and launched two businesses and that I’m now charging and receiving my worth on branding projects. We’ve also hosted our first creative couple on our property, Moonbeams and they were our ideal target audience – proving our branded messaging worked! I’m excited to continue to launch Moonbeams other offerings and be able to expand Manifest It Collective’s in conjunction. Having a creative collective that’s now backed by a creative property and destination I believe will really set my design studio apart, I can’t wait to see what this next year brings as both businesses work together.”


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