Overcoming Womenomics in the Crypto Space

Jul 7, 2022

Building a platform committed to making wealth more accessible. 



Briana Kurtz | 0xx

Entrepreneur and crypto educator Briana Kurtz founded 0xx to be a welcoming front door for other women to walk through.  Frustrated by the lack of financial safety nets for new mothers in the freelancing world, Briana knew there must be other options and began exploring decentralized, accessible wealth building options in Web3. Frustrated by the overabundance of bro-marketing and utter lack of accessible education, Briana set out to raise the bar with making crypto truly accessible to women from all walks of life. Her goal is to act as a catalyst for bringing together the bold—those that want to radically uplift the world and their bank accounts.



Briana’s lean into cryptocurrency education and community was a natural one. With over a decade of expertise leading pilates and yoga workshops, Briana was intuitive enough to realize a community of spiritual women who weren’t being served in the wellness space. After experiencing the same epiphany in cryptocurrency, Briana launched 0xx–a crypto community and education hub that empowers women with the knowledge and confidence to participate in a new, decentralized system of personal finance. The mission? A flourishing community to support financial wellbeing, 0xx acts as a catalyst to bring together the bold and uplift the world. Briana came to us looking to develop key messaging for her crypto community hub, as part of a major branding and official launch project.



Over our ninety minute Intensive, we got right to work, turning Briana’s proven platform into one that clearly communicated the true impact of her work, in preparation for her impending scale. We know she was in the middle of a visual rebrand, and we wanted to create messaging that would match. . Together, here’s what we accomplished: 

  • We clarified the mission statement of promise of 0xx, backed by data telling a story of women left behind in personal finance
  • We positioned the role of 0xx in the market with Briana’s unique approach and the “why” behind her work, along with her personal success and influence in the crypto community
  • We sketched out the features and benefits of her online workshop through the lens of her Ideal Client Avatar. Then, we strategized a name and a tagline for the workshop designed to compel and convert
  • We built out Briana’s workshop registration page, elaborate her offer, and find clarity on where it stands in the market, we provided her with a series of templates

Here’s an excerpt from her final messaging that we love: 

We are creating a container to overcome womenomics in a world where: 

  • Women make $0.82 for every dollar a man makes.
  • Women are 80 percent more likely to face financial hardship at age 65 or older. 
  • Boys make double the allowance that girls make for doing weekly chores.
  • On average, women reach their peak earning potential at the age of 44 with a median salary of $66,700. 
  • Women tend to pay off their home loans better than men, but are more likely to be denied a mortgage.

To create better options for financial wellness.



Our approach with Briana was not unlike the way we launch new offers of our own–we dive deep in order to swell influence, with the goal of creating cascading impact. . We followed a why, how, what framework to clarify the mission of 0xx and the promise of Briana’s brand at large: Financial empowerment for women, opportunity in community, and bigger bank accounts for all. From there, we worked to shift the perception of 0xx as one of the options to the only option in crypto education. Briana’s personal success in the crypto space is a testament to her savvy, as she earned over $50k in passive income during the fourth quarter of 2021. Built on a foundation of social proof and strategic messaging, we sketched out the features and benefits of Briana’s online workshop so she could launch and market it with ease.



“Working with Pia is always so helpful in sorting through the 10,000 tabs open in my mind and helps me prioritize and get organized. I’ve worked with her before and would again. She makes it easy and fun and I always walk away from our sessions feeling like I’ve accomplished something valuable.”


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