Managed a Merger with Grace

Apr 29, 2022

Implementing her private practice’s best-in-class patient’s care in a larger context 



Lauren Colletti | Alive & Well 

Lauren is a functional medicine practitioner, foodie, wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast, who has dedicated her career to helping facilitate wellness and empowering her patients to take an active role in their health. Her vision is that each individual she treats feels their best so they are able to share their unique gifts with the world and create change in their community. She’s out to change the patient/provider dynamic from clinical to connective.




Before becoming the first clinical practitioner at Alive + Well, an Austin-based health and wellness community, Lauren dedicated her career to facilitating root cause wellness and empowering her patients with agency and education. Her guidance, education, and encouragement help her patients get well, stay well, and flourish for life. During her consultations, she focuses on helping her patients get on top of their health by listening carefully and asking the right questions to address the system root of health concerns . During a pivotal moment in the company, Lauren was asked to be point person for a significant business merger — with the opportunity to migrate and retain more than 200 clients from another practice. With big plans to secure investors and grow into new markets, Lauren knew it was time to implement structure, systems, and scaffolding to support her growing business partnership.



Our Full Stack approach helped Lauren make big strides in the wake of a significant merge with another facility, and was instrumental in launching the Clinical branch of Alive + Well under Lauren’s leadership as practitioner #1. Together, we accomplished the following:

  • CLIENT COMMUNICATION: We helped Lauren get clear on her brand story with an in-depth email nurture sequence designed to support patients through the merger
  • DOCUMENTATION: We crafted customized SOPs tailor-made for Alive + Well so Lauren could document essential processes including client onboarding, clinic appointments, patient communications
  • HIRING STRUCTURES: We gave Lauren the tools to hire staff and scale with confidence, including the can’t-miss HR docs you need as an employer
  • PROCESS FACILITATION: We served as an extra pair of hands during the merger, providing Lauren and her team with high level project management support and oversight

As two hundred clients made their way to Alive + Well during the merger, Lauren stepped into her role as a leader not only to her patients, but also for a whole community focused on alternative wellness. For Lauren, the greatest takeaway of all was having the clarity and confidence to scale (sans imposter syndrome). A thriving business on the outside can mask all the uncertainty in the world: “No one tells you these things when you’re growing.” With CWco. expertise, Lauren is now empowered to stick the landing through rapid growth — and or whatever challenges come her way.  



We coordinated the merger team in concert with Lauren and fellow stakeholders from Alive + Well. We took a deep dive into the Alive + Well architecture to get clear on the goodness they bring through their ethos and offerings, and made suggestions to adopt their strengths in the clinical context. We also built out an extensive “pardon our dust” email nurture sequence to support Lauren’s patients through the merger effort, outlining the changes they’d see and the processes they’d need to complete in order to stay in compliance with new clinic procedures. As the merge was taking shape in the background, we helped Lauren craft customized SOPs to outline every process at the clinic in tandem with a patient’s path at Alive + Well.



“[Pia] is an amazing communicator, thinker, and just so knowledgeable in her field. I felt listened to and quickly supported with actual documents, lists, timeline, and spreadsheets support my ideas — things my brain doesn’t do well. Pia and her team really helped me find organization and systems within a chaotic time — business merger!  She was instrumental in listening, taking detailed notes, and giving excellent advice. I have the tools to hire new employees, document my protocols, SOP’s, and all the HR info needed that no one tells you about when you start growing. I am very thankful and appreciative of the time spent working together. I am definitely making a bigger impact already and my ability to scale that is exponential in this current position.”


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