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01 / 03

The most exciting part of my deep dive back into CWco. this week though — was the #referrals channel, because it is a place where we are all helping each other up. I’ve been really sentimental about community lately. With all that is continuing to go on in our world, being able to have real life case study in fron to me w people who are joined together, most of us haven’t met IRL, but we’re here for one another — it’s v cool. It gives me a lot of hope for the future and contentment in the present.

02 / 03

 I just wanted to let you know I’m loving this membership so, so much. The only business programs I’ve ever been in have been wellness entrepreneur focused and being around women in diverse fields is already helping me expand the way I think about my business. I’m learning a lot from you, the other women here, the coffee chat, and the training today. Thank you for holding space for all of us!

03 / 03

Two of the best investments I've made this year were (1) Hiring my first few team members. Their support has been incredible and a true game changer in my business. (2) This membership. I have met so many amazing people through this community! 

CEO of curate well co., enjoys curious conversations over a cup of strong coffee

Meet pia Beck

I’m here to care about the details as much as you do, so you can make the difference through your work like only you can.

After a career in People Operations in the tech and startup worlds, where I crafted departments from the ground up, doubled national teams, and spun up infrastructures to hit goals faster and fuller, I realized there was only so much change I could make from within a container built by someone else, so I started Curate Well Co. 

With no financial runway, no leads, and in retrospect, really no idea what I was doing, I’ve grown Curate Well Co. over the last two years into an anchor, advocate, and accelerating force for women (identifying)-owned small businesses around the world.

Curate Well Co. is a consulting and community platform that helps impact-driven leaders change narratives and redefine norms in industries that are desperately calling for something different.