Community Interview with Beth Loughman

May 28, 2021

Like most Curate clients, Beth expertly blends empathetic leadership with impressive know-how and strategic finesse in her work. She cares deeply about her clients, her philanthropic footprint, and changing the way businesses execute campaigns, advertise, and do good in the world. I know Beth to be an incredibly hard worker, change-maker, and inspiring leader — and I’m so excited for you to know her too.


How do you define leadership?

Leadership is defined as trust and understanding to me. It’s commanding the room while making sure everyone in that space feels included, comfortable, and that they matter. Leadership is fluidity. And more than anything else, it’s making sure your words land with compassion. I’ve personally experienced great leadership, and it’s made me who I am today.

I had a boss at BBDO named Allison Disney and I’ll never forget how well she led our team. She was brilliant while being inclusive. She took the time to teach us how to shine, and then she put us right in the lion’s den to practice what she taught us. I was presenting to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies at 24 years old because of her. She always said, “When you shine, I’m shining.” And that’s something I’ve taken with me and used in all my work affairs.

I define leadership as a powerful, positive, radically true, and protective energy. Being able to create on your own is one thing. Being able to bring others into the fold and empower them to be their best selves, while at the same time teaching them the skill sets you are responsible to teach — is such a gift.

I also define a great leader as someone who doesn’t feel overwhelmed when things get tough. Finding solutions is part of the magic. Dispelling negative thoughts or feelings your team members might be having and transmuting them into positivity and creativity — that is called alchemy in leadership! It allows for your people to understand everything to be fixable and solvable.

Another quality of a great leader is to listen without necessarily needing to insert “advice.” This is more about being a guide than a taskmaster. Supplying resources and solutions are ways to continue fostering your own leadership acumen. Listening and simply seeking to understand someone’s feelings allows for them to soften so they can find their own power. Do I love hearing the words: “You’re amazing at what you do”? Of course. But what I love to hear even more is “Thank you for listening to me and being there for me. I feel like I can be myself with you.” I have a post-it on my computer with a short list of three things I set out to accomplish each day. They are: Be of service, focus on others, be true to yourself. This is how I live my day to day. My clients and team would attest that I am passionate. I embody the clients’ dreams and make them my own. And I also allow for people to be human beings. Are you a minute late to a meeting? That’s okay, babe. Don’t stress, you’re safe here. And I find that by allowing humanness to win out over “rules” keeps people wanting to work with me. It’s been my experience that people feel more accepted this way.

I’m also keen on leaders exercising truth-telling. We all have our own way. Personally, I work really hard to show real life behind the filter. To me, showing the raw-ness of our lives is how we create connection and bloom. I can’t tell you how many moments of honesty I’ve seen have ripple effects. For example, in the past three years quite a few people have vulnerably reached out about their substance abuse issues, which I openly talk about on my personal IG and in mindful networking opportunities. We talk about their dark moments and by the end I hear, “I’ve never shared that with anyone before, I feel so much better.” This is a leadership style I am continuing to learn and polish — it makes such a difference.


Do you currently employ a team? If so, what are their roles? 

My team is my collaborative community. Tiny Elephant has a network called Tiny Elephant & Friends. I spent the last 10 months vetting talent in the entrepreneurial space and I have found a group of stellar human beings with mind-bending work ethic and empathetic modalities which we employ at the interpersonal and interpersonal level. We take care of our clients with thoughtfulness. We make sure meetings are positive, efficient, and everyone leaves feeling empowered. This network is continuing to grow as my agency grows. We bring one another work and have become each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Also, I do have an intimate roster of Tiny Elephant contractors:

  • I have hired an incredible woman named Daniella Soofer, who I worked with back in 2019 at a fast-paced, successful marketing/PR agency. She and I remained close and her healthy-hustle spirit is a perfect fit for TE Studios. She is my Growth Strategist specializing in social media performance, entrepreneurship, and audience analysis.
  • I have the amazing pleasure of engaging Olivia Carson as a frequent collaborator on TE’s roster. She is considered the Tiny Elephant wordsmith and resident copywriter. (She is also part of the CWCo Community & I feel lucky to have found her. Thanks for bringing us together, Pia!)
  • TE Studios also has an amazing financial expert & bookkeeper named Rehan Merchant on the team now. He is compassionate and diligent while protecting our growing bank account and I could not dream big without his talent.


What’s one (yes, just one) thing you’re really good at?

I’m frequently called “the glue” by friends, clients, and partners alike. Those close to me say I’m a critical thinker who is calm under pressure, thinks outside the box, and effortlessly balances competing priorities while maintaining stamina. A “wrangler” or “fixer,” if you will.


What 3 words describe your personal style?

I have a laid back and playful aesthetic that balances neutrals with brights. I’m a big fan of a triple-threat with terra cotta, white, with a neon or pastel color (especially neon green or lavender).


What are your favorite clothing brands?

rag+bone, Vince, For Days, Free People, Outdoor Voices, Alo, Levi’s, Golden Goose, Wildfox, Re/Done, Marc Jacobs, YSL, All Saints.


Where did you grow up?

A northwest suburb of Chicago called Arlington Heights.


Do you have any morning or evening rituals?

I have a morning snuggle sesh with my dog. He wakes me up by coming up from the end of the bed and nuzzling into “the nook.” From there, I write a morning poem in bed and then do Kundalini for 11 minutes — no exceptions. Next I’ll wash my face, which allows me to look at myself in the mirror and say different affirmations to pump me up for the day. 🙂 Starting with toner, then a serum rotation and ending with lotion. After that, it’s a morning walk around my neighborhood with the dog, then coffee! From there I settle into my desk chair and get to work. Evenings are a bit more fluid. But a must is falling asleep with lovely ocean sounds (as white noise) and a pure silk eye mask.


What do you do when you’re not working?

It’s been mission critical for me to foster my friends & family relationships, so I spend a lot of time loving on my peoples. I make phone calls and check-in with my dear friend of 20 years, Corrie. I connect with old agency friends and go on hikes with my LA fam.

I live with two amazing people named Jon and Georji, and we have been together all through Covid. We decided at the beginning of lockdown that we all wanted to create a “mind, body, spirit incubator” that encouraged us to go after our dreams. We are endlessly supportive of each other. We make meals together, talk about our growing careers, hold space when one of us is feeling down, and so much more. We live in a big, old Spanish revival house and it’s an absolute haven. We also host game nights and backyard movies with our “pod” of friends on a regular basis.

I am also in year two of a year-long immersive Kundalini women’s training called Immense Grace through Rama Institute in Venice, so I spend time in community with other women building beautiful relationships and expanding consciousness.

I work on my philanthropic initiative called the Popup Community Projects. I am involved with the houseless community of Los Angeles, so whether I go out on my own and bring pizzas to the people living on the street near my home, or partner with the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, I’m always trying to expand my heart by meeting people who have walked different roads than myself. I love learning their stories.

I love a good swap meet/open market. My two favs are the classic Melrose Trading Post near my home in LA, and a gorgeous one in the OC I just found this year! I love spending time reading, going to yoga, playing with Frankie, and self care pamper sessions like an infrared sauna/lymphatic massage/reflexology appt.


What’s your go-to morning beverage?

I don’t want to brag, but my hot blended coffee drink is top-rated at my house. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Coffee beans freshly ground. I really like Joshua Tree Coffee Company and Go Get Em Tiger (gget)
  • Oatly, Full Fat
  • A dash of brown sugar
  • Ceylon cinnamon
  • Coconut butter

Blend it all together like a bulletproof coffee and enjoy your frothy delight!


How do you like to express your creativity?

  • I love to write poems.They are usually on the shorter side and give little snapshots of how I’m feeling or what my world looks like at any given moment without needing to take a picture.
  • I really enjoy going to the nursery for new plant friends. Finding places around the house where new life can breathe and grow is deeply satisfying.
  • I love sitting down with friends and brainstorming on their businesses! Getting together with other entrepreneurs to hash out a new strategy or try something unique in the market is what gets my insides dancing. And if we have pages full of notes and momentum by the end, it’s like fireworks going off in my brain.


What personal boundary do you always make sure gets honored?

I don’t drink and it’s something I’ve held as an absolute boundary for almost three years. It took a long time to get to the point where my confidence and strength of self wins over a cocktail, but I am a damn powerhouse for being alcohol free. Nothing in my present life would exist without this firm stake in the ground. I value myself and those around me through this choice, because I know that I’m intolerant to it. Alcohol changes my composition, it creates a darker version of me. So just like someone who is lactose intolerant that can’t have milk, it works for me to not have booze.


Learn more about Beth:


I spent a decade as a traditional ad agency executive before shifting to a soul-led entrepreneur. I own a boutique agency supporting brands, creatives, and social impact initiatives with conscious marketing executions. 

I’m confident, sensitive, and expressive. I take bold action and articulate ideas to my reliable teams so we are continually building momentum in our projects. I focus on kind communication, efficient processes, reliable timelines, creative content, intentional feedback, and egoless teamwork to yield consistent and successful results for clients and partners alike.

I bring thoughtful determination with compassion and room to breathe. Always finding the potential and love calling myself a “happy human.”


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