You’ve been in business for a year or so now, and you’ve done everything you know how to do

 You’re serving ideal clients with a kick-ass offer. 

And you’re covering the bills, with a little on the side to splurge on a mani or the latest pair of Madewell jeans.

— but you’ve hit a plateau, and it feels like treading water.

You’re working really long weeks on client projects with little-to-no time to focus on the details of your business.
And you’re always rushing to put out your latest offer, scrambling to publish content, and struggling to get clear on where your business is actually going.

If we were chatting over a cup of strong coffee,
I’d lean in, take a sip, look you in the eyes, and tell you this…

You need someone who can help you scale your impact with intentional systems so you don’t lose connection to the people who matter the most — your community.

You don’t need another marketing guru to teach you how to build an email list, create a funnel,
grow your Pinterest account, or launch a course.

You need someone who…

won’t throw copy-and-paste strategies at you, but will help you create systems
that honor the really human elements of your business

won’t tell you to do a massive live launch to get to 6 figures, but will help you take a data-backed approach
to amplifying your impact

won’t glorify the hustle culture, but will empower you to take aligned action toward your ambitious goals

And not just someone, but an entire collective of like-minded women to walk alongside you as you take the next steps to fulfill your big vision.

Because if you’re going to impact 10,000 women over the next 10 years,
you’re not only going to need systems and strategies, but support too.

You're Invited

Curate Collective MASTERMIND

Intimate masterminds for impact-driven entrepreneurs who want to scale to 6 figures while maintaining the integrity of their work.

Let’s take your purpose and put process behind it, so that you can serve your community from a place of ease and excellence.

What they're saying

"Before I signed up for this program I was debating going to a business retreat. But as the retreat was approaching I noticed I wasn't really trusting the leadership and questioning what they would have to offer. After meeting with Pia I sensed that she had her shit together way more than the person leading said retreat, and I felt Pia had more to contribute to my business. I was right and I am so glad I followed my gut and decided to do the mastermind instead of attending the retreat! The mastermind gave me insight I believe no one else has. Pia gave me all the tools I needed to dig deeper into my ICA and really know them. Pia helped me financially get my shit together, and gave me all the tools to get more organized with my business. These tools will not lose value, and I truly believe what I learned from this mastermind and the tools I received will be used for years to come in my business. I would rehire Pia for all my business needs in the future as they arise! She is truly amazing at what she does, and if you are struggling with organization, and plans of action, Pia is the master at sorting these things out with you and helping you take steps forward in your business. If you are looking for someone to help you get more organized, know how to launch things, and know your ICA in a deeper way. This program is for you."

-Bess, Therapist


• You’re running a 6-figure business and want to scale while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your work

• You want to impact tens of thousands of people with your content and programs

• You want to create a business that is bigger than you and allows your clients to be a part of something bigger than themselves

• You want to do things your way — authentically and in alignment with your values

Perfect for you if:



• Small cohort of no more than 12 — so you can be fully seen and heard

• Targeted curriculum and resources to help you grow what you’ve built

• 1x monthly 90-min group calls (5 total) — so you can learn alongside like-minded business owners

• 1x monthly 60-min group calls (5 total) — so you can ask questions, collaborate and experience the rest of your cohort's advice and great minds

• 2x monthly 90-min 1x1 call (10 total) — so we can create custom solutions

• Slack support — for material review, feedback, and co-creation on the specifics of your business


What they're saying

"Joining your mastermind, having the support system from the incredible community you built, and simply having you as a resource these last several weeks has truly propelled my business and empowered me to pursue my dream. Just want to say thank you for that and tell you that you are doing life changing things here."

- Lilli, owner of izumi agency

you are doing life changing things here

This is a great fit if...

You aren’t willing to sacrifice practicality in the pursuit of possibility. You appreciate the spiritual, instinctual side of business, but want structure and a sexy spreadsheet to keep you grounded. You want strategies that are custom-tailored to your personality and business. You have a people-first philosophy, and want to scale without losing connection to your community.

This is not a great fit if...

You’re looking for copy-and-paste tactics. You’re easily overwhelmed, or you resist structure. You want things to be easy rather than intentional. You don’t want to think critically about what works for you or how you can best take aligned action to achieve your goals. You just want someone to do it all for you. You're looking to make money fast, and you're willing to sacrifice your values to make it happen. 

What they're saying

"Spreadsheets! In all seriousness, Pia actually provided tangible steps to take. I feel like a lot of coaches offer a fluffy mindset or theory (which is important but only gets you so far). Pia also offered confident solutions to most problems and was never vague about the direction we should take." 

- Catherine, Owner of Catherine Aquila Coaching

never vague about the direction we should take

Meet the CEO

Let’s get to know each other

Hey, I’m Pia!

I put process behind your purpose.

My bio reads: Business consultant and Chief Strategy Officer to our clients. Coffee snob (addict?), believes logistics are a love language, considers building spreadsheets an art form, happiest with the sun on her face.

I’m here to care about the details as much as you do, so you can make the difference through your work like only you can. 

My story starts in the tech and startup world: 60+ hour weeks spent sprinting toward big goals, with a lean team of people willing to get their hands dirty to reach them.

I set out to build my own business from the ground up, and to do what I’ve always been great at — being organized AF, grounding the big vision in the details, and creating intuitive systems that can be implemented in a replicable way.

Today, Curate Well Co. helps impact-driven leaders like you build a brand and business bigger than you — those here to change the narrative and be THE FIRST at what you do. 

Through strategy and structure, custom-curated solutions, and the resources you need to access the right opportunity and extend your reach, we’ll partner with you to execute your vision with ease so you can impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

What they're saying

“I have to share a HUGE win that never would have happened had I not joined the program. I sold out of my group coaching program… on the back end. No live launching. Like WHATTT?!”

- Kristyn, Business Coach



Want to get a feel for what it's like to work together? Schedule an intensive — a one-off coaching or consulting meeting
— to get immediately implementable support in your business and see if we’re a great fit for a longer-term relationship.