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A Simple Switch for Full Body Health

October 15, 2020


Have you ever gotten a gift that made you pause?

Earlier this summer, the city of Denver, where I live, gave a water pitcher with a built in filter to every single household in the city. I came home one day to find it on my doorstep with an infographic about how outdated and toxic the water lines are in Denver, and how the city rolled out this initiative to gift a water filter to every household. A nice gesture… but not exactly a vote of confidence. Plus the pitcher held hardly any water and took foreverrrrrrr to filter — it was not a particularly efficient or effective solution.

Of course, this prompted so many questions for me. When I learned that drinking water is one of the top sources of toxins and one of the biggest contributors to our toxic load (the total toxin exposure our body has to filter daily), I was shocked.

Did you know that 21 million Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards? I did some research about the water guidelines in my area of Denver and found that the legal limits for contamination in tap water haven’t been updated in almost 20 years (hence the gift from the city).

I’m all about high-impact, low-effort ways to support my health, and with this new discovery, changing up my water seemed like a no-brainer.

Most people have no idea that quality water (or lack of) can play such a huge role in our health — and it’s such an easy swap! Which is why I decided to bring the Crown Berkey Water System into my home.

It comes with a minimum of 2 filters that have a lifespan of 3,000 gallons each. The system filters water at a rate of 1 gallon per hour — which is a must faster return than traditional smaller filtration systems — not to mention it actually filters better too (see more on that below). And I appreciate it’s sleek and minimal design.

Not only am I reaping the benefits of clean, safe water, but it actually tastes good! I know this sounds silly, but you know how Fiji tastes different than Smartwater? Berkey water literally tastes like… nothing (which to me, is a good thing!).

It’s an investment that has paid for itself in the health and safety it’s providing for me on a daily basis.

Berkey Filtration Systems remove 200+ unsafe contaminates, including 99% or more of: viruses, pathogenic bacteria, trihalomethanes, inorganic materials, heavy metals (like aluminum, barium, copper, lead), micro-organisms (like e.Coli), pharmaceutical drug contaminas, pesticides & volatile organic compounds and more. Additionally, they have an extra filter available to remove fluoride.

The Berkey Water System is so low maintenance — something I really appreciate. The filters don’t need to be changed often and it doesn’t require cleaning. While my Berkey is quietly doing it’s thing in the kitchen, keeping me safe and healthy, I get to stay on my A-game running my business and coaching my clients.

To shop all Berkey Water Systems click here.

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