A Social Impact Company with Products You’ll Actually Want to Buy

Nov 1, 2020

I was walking my dog on my lunch break one day in Santa Barbara and stumbled across a leather goods shop I’d never seen before. Their gorgeous bags instantly caught my eye in the window. They were simple, functional, and so, so well crafted.

As I stepped into the store I quickly fell in love with Parker Clay’s effortless, elevated style. Little did I know their company was so much bigger than leather goods. As I researched the brand a bit more, I started learning about the impact they’re having in Ethiopia.

At Curate Well Co. we focus on helping women find their passion and their purpose in order to create a bigger impact. Which is why I was drawn to Parker Clay’s initiatives to empower women in Ethiopia. Not only do they make expertly crafted products (that I actually want to buy), but they have a wonderful social impact and mission.

How Parker Clay is making a larger impact:

Parker Clay is committed to empowering women with a meaningful and sustainable livelihood and professional skills in Ethiopia — which is where they source their leather from.

It’s estimated that over 150,000 women work in prostitution in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, alone. Girls as young as 8 years old are lured into prostitution, young women are exploited and trafficked within the country and around the world — thinking they are heading towards opportunity, yet often are enslaved.

To combat this very real problem, in partnership with Ellilta Women at Risk, Parker Clay hires women at livable wages so they can support their families by means other than prostitution. They currently provide living wages for over 150 employees at their Ethiopia factory, many of whom would never have been given the opportunity for salaried employment. Beyond that, they provide formal work training and certifications which are complementary to the employees’ job history — even if they plan to leave the company at a later time.

The leather goods pulled me in, but it was the impact that truly sold me — which led me to take the Merkato Tote home. For when I want to travel more lightly, I carry the Abera Billfold Wallet. I also love that some of their items are named after Santa Barbara locations. It makes me feel nostalgic about the place that feels like home to me.

Our favorite Parker Clay items:

If you’re looking for a more modern, elevated look, I’ve been loving Parker Clay’s bone and sand collections. And their new work from home line will elevate any work from home space (the pillows are so gorg!).

Parker Clay’s mission to change the lives of women is something we support wholeheartedly — and if we can invest with intention in order to help that mission, even better. Not only do I get to make sure my purchases are going towards a greater good, I also get to enjoy quality products that will literally last me years. They say genuine leather gets better with time, and I’ve confirmed that with my Parker Clay products.

If you choose to shop Parker Clay, use our code PC-CURATEWELL20 for 20% off your order.


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