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August 26, 2021

Community Interview with Kim Thai

Kim is one of the most genuine and considerate people I know. She reliably enters zoom calls with flair, asks careful questions, and holds compassion for so many people in her heart daily. She thrives on context, and gracefully honors the complexity of the human experience — both individually and globally. Her work through GaneshSpace is […]


July 2, 2021

Community Interview with Alex Englis

To hear Alex talk about her own reflections, is to love her. The language she uses, her inflection and tone, and the levity she brings to challenges and growth is inspiring — you can’t help but smile. Between her experience working with big brands like MasterCard, Macy’s, Hilton and more…and becoming certified to bring somatic […]


May 28, 2021

Community Interview with Beth Loughman

Like most Curate clients, Beth expertly blends empathetic leadership with impressive know-how and strategic finesse in her work. She cares deeply about her clients, her philanthropic footprint, and changing the way businesses execute campaigns, advertise, and do good in the world. I know Beth to be an incredibly hard worker, change-maker, and inspiring leader — […]


April 30, 2021

Community Interview with Sarah Hartley

Our community is everything to us — and we know you love to learn about our community members in more detail (okay, we do too!). So, once a month, we’re interviewing one of our clients or community members so you can know who they are, learn from them, and help us in celebrating their leadership […]