Leaders We Love: Amy Morrison

Nov 4, 2021

To know Amy is to know what compassion feels like — for yourself and for others. No one offers understanding and grace (with a healthy dose of humility too) like Amy does. Over the last 3 years, we’ve gotten to know Amy as a friend, client, fellow business owner, and expert in the nervous system (among other things!). She’s endearing, funny, ambitious, and kind. And she models communication, boundaries, self-regulation, and compassion better than anyone we know. We can’t wait for you to meet her!


Who you are and what do you do?

Hi! I am Amy Morrison, a licensed Clinical Counselor in Colorado. I also work as a coach and consultant where I focus on educating about the nervous system and how we can calm our bodies in practical ways. 


How do you define leadership?

Leadership to me is all about guidance; how can I support those around me to access greater versions of themselves and support them in feeling empowered to engage their own achievements. I also think there is a beauty to leadership where I get to protect my people from a variety of things. Let me explain…. There is this post by @lizandmollie on Instagram where they created an illustration of a great manager. The manager is holding an umbrella over their employees which is protecting them from the “rain” the rain is listed as: unclear priorities, last-minute chaos, unnecessary meetings, massive uncertainty, and ridiculous requests. I think it is so important as a leader to guide your people calmly so that they feel safe and focused, which allows them to complete their work and work effectively. 


What’s one (yes, just one) thing you’re really good at?

Listening! I love to listen and engage people in conscious, thoughtful ways. 


Tell us about a time when you realized this is what you were meant to do.

About 8 years ago I began coaching co-workers at lululemon and I realized that my ability to listen and engage with people thoughtfully allowed me to support them in their growth and development. It was through these relationships where I learned that I needed more training and education to hone in on my listening skills. Since I value education and knowledge on a deep level, I decided to pursue a Masters degree to support my future self. 


What’s one personal value you hold true in your business?

Innovation: we do things differently than the norm and engage ground breaking techniques to support mental health and healing. With the rise in mental health issues and concerns we need to consciously consider how we need to help people heal in a variety of ways. The old way of doing therapy doesn’t get me as excited as trying new models and thinking outside of the box. 


What do you do when you’re not working?

I love to read, workout, hang out with friends and my husband, Kyle. I also enjoy creative endeavors like painting, drawing, and writing. I know I am working too much when I haven’t cooked a new recipe or when I feel so depleted that I am not engaging in anything creative. It’s tough to find a balance but I am proud of myself for how I have been able to consciously rest more in the past few months!  


What’s in your 10-year vision?

When I tap into my 10-year vision I see myself in a role where I provide a powerful workspace for a variety of people. I get so excited thinking about a future where I can provide an environment where people are paid fairly and are given a chance to grow. 


Who is one person who has shown you what’s possible in your life or business? What was the “see to believe” lesson they taught you? (This can be someone you know, someone you don’t know, or even a fictional character!)

Dr. Nicole LePera (@the.holistic.psychologist on IG) is a big inspiration for me. I love how she has turned the world of mental health a little upside down with her work. She has created an incredible community of “self-healers” and I can see a future where I am able to foster the same type of community. 


What’s one moment in your life that, looking back on, made you realize you would own your own business?

Well, I was sitting in a staff meeting at an ultra-religious group counseling practice where they would literally sing christian songs before we began the actual meeting. I was so frustrated in these meetings I vowed to create a productive and healthy work environment where I could feel excited to connect with my co-workers. Now I am proud to say that our meetings are highly productive and we have fostered a space where everyone feels heard and supported.  


What are three things you always have on you (beside phone, wallet, keys)?

  • A book I’m reading; right now it’s “Deep Work” by Cal Newport 
  • Chapstick 
  • Pen + journal 


This Leaders We Love segment features Amy Morrison.

Amy Morrison is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Wellness Consultant who specializes in educating others about the nervous system. When Amy works with her clients she focuses on a holistic model of health and wellness that integrates breath work, mindfulness, physical fitness, and mental health. She envisions a world where anyone can get the help they need to experience the best version of themselves so she started the True Core Collective.

Amy runs a breath work subscription community, The Collective. The Collective is a space to learn more about mental wellness and learn how to regulate your nervous system in 10 minutes or less. Learn more here.

You can follow Amy on Instagram @truecorehealth


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