Who We Hired: A List of Our Favorite Service Providers

Feb 2, 2021

We all know that we don’t do this alone — having the right help in place accelerates your business goals, and there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re in good hands when it comes to an important project. But, admittedly, finding the right help can be overwhelming and intimidating. It’s hard to know who to trust. The market is saturated with dozens of experts (okay, more than that) in each field and it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

We get asked all the time who we recommend for help with finances, with websites, with messaging, sales, and more — and we take those requests seriously. Today we’ve rounded up a group of experts that we’ve trusted (and hired) to collaborate with for some of our most important projects. We loved working with them and they have made our jobs (and our business) so much better. 


Business Operations

Landry Teeter

Landry manages our paid social media ads. She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to crafting ad strategies in order to boost brand awareness, drive traffic, and optimize conversions. With her background in managing ads for national retail brands, she’s bringing a fresh perspective to our corner of the coaching/consulting space!

Meghan Lamle


Meghan is a sales psychology expert who helped train our team on sales language and buyers psychology. She expertly taught us how to relate to our community and potential clients using our content and language. What we love about Meghan is that she makes sales approachable, and shows us how we can always be selling…without feeling like we always have to be ‘on.’

Tianna Tye


Tianna is a leadership coach who helps companies hire confidently and improve team dynamics. Tianna is leading our team diagnostic and team retreat this year. What we love about Tianna is how thorough she is — if you’re looking for a quick fix solution, she’s not your gal. But if you’re looking for someone with deep expertise in her field, a compassionate approach to gathering details, and a holistic strategy to get to the root cause of team dysfunction, she is definitely the hire for you.



EB Combs


If you know Curate Well Co., you know our curated, editorial brand photography. Our images are a big part of our brand and EB is the only photographer we trust to deliver on our vision of excellence and ease. Not only is she one part of a genius brand studio but she also owns the beautiful Realm Denver space, where we host our monthly brand shoots. What we love about EB is her willingness to get weird — to try new things and always be pushing the envelope when it comes to our aesthetic. She’s got a portfolio that will blow your mind, and in our (maybe biased?) opinion, she’s the best photographer you’ll find. She’s intentional in all she does, and she’s largely responsible for bringing our vision alive.

Elise Hodge


Elise is a master word-smith who combined our vast amounts of data with interviews she conducted with our team and ideal clients in our community, to capture our brand experience, mission, values and impact in our website copy. Before hiring Elise, we weren’t confident that our website portrayed the experience of Curate Well Co. programs in the same way our clients talked about them. Now, our website so beautifully captures our personality, our programs, and what it’s like to work with us. What we love about Elise is her process of sourcing real information from real people. 

We recently hired Elise again to write emails for us, and there are two things that really stand out about her — timeliness and quality. Elise is responsive, can schedule us in soon after we reach out (usually unheard of in the copywriting space!), and delivers copy on a tight turnaround time. Plus, her copy is GOOD. She’s detail-oriented, always goes above and beyond even if that means writing an extra email (because she thinks it’ll make a difference), and it’s clear she really cares. Her customer service is amazing, and we trust her with our projects because of that.

Kirsten DiCaprio


Kirsten at Aspen Theory did a wonderful job evolving the Curate Well Co. brand on our most recent website launch! What we love about Kirsten is that she was receptive to our feedback, super responsive throughout the entire project, and was able to launch our website in record time. Her customer service was stellar, and our site looks amazing!


We get so inspired when we see women rocking and owning their expertise, and each and everyone of these women does just that! If you decide to get help from one of these providers, make sure to let them know that we sent you.


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