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Contract Templates + Tools for Small Business Owners

Oct 28, 2021

There’s so much happening inside your business — behind-the-scenes and client-facing — it can be hard [not to mention mildly overwhelming] to stop and evaluate your legal protection. But we’re going there. Because you want to do this now, not when you need it.

We get it — legal contracts are not necessarily the most exciting thing happening in your business. Reading legal contracts can be confusing, and, if you need to hire a legal team, expensive. But they are important — you need sound legal support to protect yourself and your clients, and we know there’s a sense of confidence that comes from knowing your relationship is secure.

Truthfully, we used to dread the legal side of business — until we found The Artists’ Lawyer, founded by Magi Fisher. Magi is an artist turned lawyer who helps small business owners, like you, build a long-lasting legal foundation within your creative business. The Artists’ Lawyer is an arsenal of done-for-you legal contract templates for small businesses!


Done-for-You Contract Templates + Tools for Small Business Owners

What we love about TAL contracts is that they’re super thorough — without being bogged down with legalese. They’re ultra-protective and easy for you (and your clients) to understand, which breeds trust in the client relationship. Magi is a creative too, so she not only understands how to legally protect a business, but she also knows the nuances of what exactly needs to be protected.

We’ve used TAL contracts for:

    • Our employee agreements
    • Our independent contractor agreements
    • Work-for-hire arrangements
    • Release forms
    • Services agreements
    • Services agreement addendums


When we moved our business to California, and had to update our employment agreements, I started with a strong foundation with the template and was able to easily update terms as necessary.

Other TAL contract templates available:

    • Coaching + Mentoring Contract
    • Portrait Photographer Contact
    • Covid-19 Specific Release of Liability Waiver
    • Cancellation Agreement
    • Graphic + Web Designer Contract
    • Freelancer Contract
    • Wedding Planning + Design Contract
    • And more!


With The Artists’ Lawyer by Magi Fisher contract templates you can protect yourself, no matter what type of business you’re running. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re evolving your business, you’ll always need legal protection and security.

Curious what goes into trademarking your company’s information? You can view Magi’s guest expert training Trademarks 101 in the Curate Community Membership.

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