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October 7, 2021

3 Common Myths about Small Business Email Marketing

Guest Contribution by: Meaghan Dunham   There are so many myths out there about small business email marketing.⁠⁠ When I talk to anyone in my community, their biggest concerns are about how to leverage email marketing for their business. I suppose it’s because email marketing can feel a little less intuitive or perhaps it’s because […]


September 9, 2021

How to Run Your Business Like a Minimalist in 3 Simple Rules

Guest Contribution by: Jenny Lee   Believe me when I say this: You can run a successful business with less effort. Sure, the start-up phase will be a whirlwind of late nights, endless brainstorming sessions, and cups gallons of coffee — but after the initial excitement, you can (and probably should) find a way to […]


August 5, 2021

Four Steps to Building A Scalable Brand

Guest Contribution by: Olamide Michelle You are a Visionary I didn’t get started right away. In fact, I started my business many times. Small steps and many missteps, over, and over again. I did not quit my job right away either. It took several months of frustration and even more confusion to ultimately find myself […]


July 14, 2021

Three Strategies for Crafting Your Authentic, On-Brand Elevator Pitch

Guest Contribution by: Erin Barber You’ve been hustling to build up your business. You’ve crossed all your Ts and dotted all your Is when it comes to the operational and organizational components of your company, so you feel like you’re ready to go. Registration, killer product or service, motivated team members, required materials and tools, logo, […]


June 10, 2021

How to Cultivate Healthy Habits for the Entrepreneur

New [insert year, month, day, etc.], new me!  How many times have you read this in a social media caption or read in a group chat? Heck, you may have even seen it driving down the highway on a billboard. Making healthy habits stick may even be something you, yourself, have contemplated while standing in […]


May 13, 2021

Why Women Can’t Have Influence & Authority Without Speaking to Their Strengths

Guest Contribution by: Michelle Langdon + Ella Chase   If I just show up and keep providing value, won’t that speak for itself? I want to be recognized for my work, but it feels inauthentic to have to promote myself all the time… I had just gotten off a call with a client, who was […]


cultivating an investment mindset

May 6, 2021

Women Cultivating an Investment Mindset

Guest Contribution by: Alex Rae   The value of real estate It was the famous Hetty Green, America’s richest woman during the Gilded Age, who stated, “I advise women to invest in real estate. It is the collateral to be preferred above all others, and the safest means of investing money.”  Now, Ms. Green was […]


April 8, 2021

Real-Life Tips on How to Open a Brick and Mortar Store

Guest Contribution by: Hannah Bangs   “A business can be a prototype for the world you want to live in.” -Proposals for the Feminine Economy | Jennifer Armbrust I won’t sugar-coat this post. I don’t want you to think that opening your own shop will be a dreamy or easy path. It is not. But […]


March 11, 2021

Case Study: The Curate Well Co. Team Retreat

Guest Contribution by: Tianna Tye   Why settle for mediocrity, when we could be so much more? It’s a difficult question. It’s the type of question that CEOs struggle with and team members’ sense as the undercurrent of daily interactions. But, do you want to know something a little crazy? As a Team Dynamics Consultant, […]


February 11, 2021

Stress Isn’t Your Enemy: 3 Ways to Manage Your Stress Response

Guest contribution by: Amy Morrison   Four years ago I finished my graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling. I could finally start working toward my license and build the business of my dreams. I could finally start helping people with their mental health issues and all of the other things that come with the […]


December 7, 2020

How to Realign Yourself to Your Brand

  Guest Contribution by Donají Mejia Do you often feel like you’re not doing enough? And if you do, you take on more tasks often leaving you overwhelmed or burned out. Then you have to take time to recover and the cycle starts all over again. Does this sound too familiar? Treating symptoms vs the problem […]


August 31, 2020

3 Ways Homeownership Can Change Your Life

  Guest Contribution by Samantha Gilbert   Imagine this You come home to your apartment after a long day ready to relax. Instead, you find a notice on your door that your apartment building is raising rent on you… again. As you read the notice you can hardly concentrate while your neighbor’s poorly trained dog […]