Four Steps to Building A Scalable Brand

Aug 5, 2021

Guest Contribution by: Olamide Michelle

You are a Visionary

I didn’t get started right away. In fact, I started my business many times. Small steps and many missteps, over, and over again. I did not quit my job right away either. It took several months of frustration and even more confusion to ultimately find myself completely overwhelmed. “I am living the wrong life!”, I thought to myself. This was not my destiny, and I was meant for more. I knew I wanted to build a wealthy brand, make an impact, and experience a new sense of freedom — but I didn’t know exactly where to start. So many of my skills were (what I mistakenly thought) random and disjointed. But two successful businesses later, an entire eat-pray-love season of adventure, and a year in quarantine, I realized I could not have been more wrong. 

So how did I make this revelation? How can you get over your mental blocks and start experiencing your dream life?


The BOHO Method

No matter your industry or niche, it is important to have a strong brand identity. Once you really know yourself as first, a woman then a business owner, everything changes. I am an attorney, a creative, former professional dancer, a true Libra, a spiritual woman, yoga instructor, a wanderlust seeker, and so much more. I can be sensitive and experience anxiety, but I love to lead and connect with others. I enjoy teaching and am addicted to creating transformations. 

Knowing this helped me understand my niche and create my own signature style for coaching and mentorship. As “the boho business guide” it was only natural to birth The BOHO Method. Who doesn’t love a good acronym? Through this signature method, I have been able to scale my brand and find my own aligned path for success! I have also been able to guide other female entrepreneurs to do the same. 

I’m going to break down these steps for you but why wait to know what each letter stands for? 

B — Balance (my core pillar)
O — Opportunity
H — Heart
O — Opulence

Let’s dive in, so you can implement The BOHO Method in your own life and work.



It’s a fact that you cannot properly grow anything in bad soil. That’s why we as business owners need a solid foundation in order to thrive. This doesn’t mean that you need things to be perfect, but it does mean that you want to have a well rounded approach and healthy start. You can start before you are ready, but do not start before you have taken one thing into consideration — YOU. Get to know the CEO.

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your values?
  • What are your non-negotiables? 

I believe that in order to succeed in a way that preserves my peace, I have to remember balance in all things. This means balance in my sales approach, in my time spent working, resting, and investing. This will look different for you, but once you remember this boundary as a foundational function to success — you’ll realize your dream is closer to reality than you know. 


You know how some dedicate a week or more to saying yes? The point of this strategy and technique is to expand their experiences and open their lives up to new opportunities. So the second step for success and building a scalable brand is adopting an opportunistic mindset. 

Challenge yourself to say yes to more collaborations, speak on stage or new settings, and create more opportunities for your clients and community. This expansive mindset has a rewarding way of surprising you! If you feel like you haven’t had cool opportunities fall into your lap, create them! If you need help taking the first step, ask! (And yes, I’m shouting—but only out of love!) 


Step three: stop doing stuff you hate. Seriously, it is a complete waste of time. If you want to build real wealth and invite abundance into your business life, then you have to make sure you’re starting from a place of passion and true interest. It is a proven fact that we do better at the things we like and are already pretty good at. This means that when you lean into your gifts and less into your burdens and “have-tos”, the door of abundance starts to swing open. 

Now I don’t mean that you don’t have to do hard or boring tasks. We all do, and will eventually learn now to delegate and outsource those things as we build our business. With that being said, you must have a solid “why” for starting and growing your business. It makes the boring tasks less boring and more worth it. You need a “why” that ties back to your core brand identity, your talents, and your big picture dream. Remember, it’s ok to make money doing what you love — it’s actually kind of the whole point. 


Speaking of money, it’s time for the final step. Opulence is just a fancy word for wealth but a word that we are all striving for. Building wealth the BOHO way means you are rich holistically — in your business, in money, in love, and in all the things. 

This step is also another mindful practice because you have to both desire and believe you deserve money in order to attract it. Let’s look at your mindset around money. Do you dream big or play small? Are you unwilling to raise your rates and step up your offer? The only way to grow is to well… grow! Start to envision your wealthy life. Welcome it and get excited to take the action steps that make that vision a reality.


The Boho Boss Academy

The more you implement balanced practices to limit overwhelm and dread, the more grounded you will be to show up like the boss that you are. The more you lean into creative opportunities and return those blessings back, the more opportunities will continue to come your way. The more you serve and lead from the heart, the more you will continue to love and thrive on your entrepreneurial journey. See, The BOHO Method is a four step process that literally goes full circle and is pretty infinite in its effect on your success. Learn more about the upcoming mastermind and other boss resources at



Hi, my name is Olamide Michelle. I am a licensed attorney and business coach based in Atlanta, but I love to travel and completely subscribe to the digital entrepreneur lifestyle. My biggest passions are creativity and expression, so there is nothing I love more than helping women create wealth through an expression of their greatest talents. In addition to hosting a podcast and business coaching company, I also run a boutique legal practice. Together my services not only help you build a lucrative brand but also help you legally protect it. 

The action steps will look different for everyone, but that’s why I love what I do. I’ve combined the 1:1 customization needed to properly execute strategies with the support of community group work to offer a pretty dynamic business mastermind. Being both an attorney and also a business strategist, I know how important setting up your business foundation really is. 

The Boho Boss Academy is currently accepting applications for the fall class, and I am beyond excited to support and empower a new group of phenomenal female entrepreneurs.

When I am not brand building, I’m exploring, moving, or enjoying rest. You can learn more about me and stay connected by following me on Instagram!

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