Turning Messaging into a Movement

Dec 22, 2021

Reshaping an industry and taking an offline business, online, for 4x revenue and robust content strategy



Ella Chase + Michelle Langdon | Wellth Works

Before launching Wellth Works, Michelle advised world leaders on economic policy at the World Bank and Treasury Department, dined in the homes of foreign heads of state, and negotiated the resolution of banking sector crisis throughout the world. Ella spent a decade in sales consulting Fortune 200 companies and private enterprises on disaster recovery and business continuity strategy via emerging technology platforms. In her tenure she closed over $1 Billion in sales and was the top salesperson in her organization  for 12 consecutive years. 





As co-founders of Wellth Works, an executive coaching and leadership company founded to help ambitious, impact driven women get ahead on their own terms, Michelle and Ella brought decades of lived experience and expertise to the table. 

Ella and Michelle are in the business of taking down the patriarchy — but not in the ways you’ve seen before. Their movement is asking different questions, reframing responsibility, and leveraging years of experience, formal training, and a unique ability to host powerful conversations to create female leaders who can navigate workplaces and cultures with deeply embedded practices.

As is the case with many leaders who come to us, Michelle and Ella discovered that navigating the world of business and running a business require a new set of skills in addition to the ones they cultivated in Fortunate 500 board rooms, global embassies, and within high-net worth financial advisory meetings. 

When we started working with Michelle and Ella in mid-2020, they were looking to:

  • Expand their footprint online through an understanding of the HOW, not just the what, of growing a coaching and consulting business with a digital presence
  • Accurately convey their wealth of knowledge and value through messaging that would reach more of the people, as previous sales came solely through networking in person and word of mouth
  • Create a brand that could serve two separate audiences, reached through a variety of distinct channels, yet function as one business serving an overarching mission 
  • Craft a strategy to repeatedly sell their signature solution

You are here to shape culture as you redefine marketing as a movement, not just hard-hitting messaging.



Watching our clients grow over the long-term is one of our greatest joys. After 1.5 years of strategic partnership, Michelle and Ella have achieved:

  • 4x their revenue after the first year of our work together
  • Creating holistic messaging across their website and educational content that resonates loud and clear with the right people, and an understanding of how to communicate their value through email and social media 
  • A growing online community via establishing their authority and credibility in the saturated online space



Through our 1×1 container, we’ve acted as Wellth Works’ Strategic Partner since June 2020, getting into the day-to-day details most wouldn’t dare wade into including: 

  1. ICA Profile: We created detailed profiles of the two clients they serve, what they’re motivated by and what creates a sense of connection, and how best to reach them.
  2. Program Planning: We remapped their group program to make their lessons more digestible and marketable, better conveying the value students would get from each module
  3. Sticky Messaging: Eliminated jargon and generalizations in their copy to accurately convey the real impact their work has on their clients’ lives and careers.
  4. Website Strategy: We restructured and rewrote their website for optimal user experience, allowing for separate journeys conditional to how the visitor self-identified — leading to higher engagement and consumption
  5. Content Strategy + Creation: We equipped them with the how, not just the what, of segmenting their audience to provide more relevant value and creating engaging email and social media content — from compelling feed content and Instagram Stories to conversations that led to a growing following so they could own and eventually outsource content creation
  6. Community Building: We honed in on how to add value to their community through planning free webinars and upsell pathways including all assets for promotion, hosting, and follow through writing their registration page, helping them repeatedly create value for their community.


Michelle and Ella came to us with a goal to reach more people, knowing that growing a coaching and consulting business through value-adding content, location-independent community-building, and leveraging their resumes was possible, but not knowing how. We worked with them in our signature Full Stack capacity to not only create a strategy that served their go-to-market goals, but also taught them the principles to do it on their own, and equipped them with the structure and processes to do so repeatedly.


“Pia’s expertise is clearly organization and systems. But where she went above and beyond for me is that she got in the trenches of our business to give us specific and meaningful suggestions on everything from how to launch a new product to copywriting and editing posts to produce the most value and engagement. This was the MOST helpful part of working with her – she’s truly gifted and willing to go the extra mile to give you high level support that results in $$. We’ve 4xed our revenue from last year and the year isn’t even over yet!”


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