164% Growth: Owning the Business Side of Business + More Time for What Matters

Dec 22, 2021

Finally feeling like the owner of her business, getting fully booked out, and breaking free of the industry standard



Layne Bronson | Onyx Acupuncture

Layne holds a Master of Science in Acupuncture and completed a series of National Board Exams to earn her License and Diplomate through the NCCAOM. She holds several certifications that allow her to offer highly specialized treatments. Layne is a caring healer, grounded business-owner, and open-hearted human. 





Layne came to us with a deep passion and expertise to help her patients heal better through integrative modalities at her clinic, Onyx Acupuncture.

As adept as she was at serving her patients, Layne was not set up to articulate and reach goals that would optimize her time and expand her revenue — AKA, the business side of running a business. 

Layne specifically struggled with:

  • Reaching the right patients who would understand, and invest in, her larger packages
  • Lacking direction for her business’ growth, not knowing how to use her time and energy, and struggling to create more efficient processes and strategies

You deserve to bring your deep expertise to market in a stand-out way — and get paid well doing so. 


Today, Layne is re-writing industry narratives by running a financially lucrative acupuncture business making the change she’s always wanted. 

By allocating her time and energy with more intention and planning, Layne achieved: 

  • 82 appointment bookings in July 2021, which was the most appointments she’d had in one month, a 26% increase from the next highest month in her business’ history, and a 164% increase from the previous July
  • Confidence and ownership over new tools and blueprints as a business owner — a waterfall effect freeing up more time to treat more patients and engage with her community — which is what she loves to do 
  • Increased output without sacrificing input, changing the norm of burnout in acupuncture; modeling that one can love their work and make good money as a result 


Through working together 1×1, we helped Layne set and achieve new goals and feel proud of her business ownership savvy, including: 

  1. Full stack approach: We took a top-to-bottom approach to filling in the gaps in her already successful business to increase revenue and re-position her brand in the market through a digestible breakdown of the process, including thorough spreadsheets and weekly tasks with our guidance 
  2. ICA Profile: Our full stack work started with understanding her patients needs and experiences more intimately by probing beyond surface-level questions, to create a human experience that honors their nuances, speaks directly to their needs, and helps Onyx stand out amongst other providers
  3. Content Creation: We refined and implemented Layne’s message across highly-trafficked touchpoints unique to her user that communicated the value of her larger packages and resonated with her ideal customer more. We focused on offering value, and educating consumers. 
  4. Revenue Planning: Articulated tangible goals and abstracting them to appointment quotas per week and month — allowing Layne to actually reach her revenue goals and work fewer days
  5. Operational Functionality: Maximizing her profit potential by analyzing her time to stagger patients between two appointment rooms, optimizing her schedule and energy


When Layne set out to start her own Acupuncture clinic, she didn’t do so with the goal of making a lot of money — financial success isn’t a selling point in the acupuncture field. She knew her education, credentials, approach and patient care went deeper, and while she was confident in the healing she provided to her patients, she didn’t feel like a leader in her community or the owner of her business. We helped Layne not only learn how to articulate her value to attract more patients into her community, but also equipped her with tools to make business choices confidently, strategy to continue growing her services, team and physical space, and support in optimizing her impact personally and professionally. She’s experiencing more financial freedom than she ever thought possible.



“Working with Pia and Curate Well Co. has been the best decision I have made for my career and my current business. Over the past 6 months I have not only hit specific financial, productivity related, and community related goals, but I have more importantly increased my confidence as a first time business owner! Pia helped me to develop tools and blueprints that I will continue to use for years, allowing me to more effectively reach my target audience and spend more time working with my patients one-on-one. I cannot recommend working with Pia enough! She has helped me take my business from brand new and struggling to fully booked and thriving.”


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