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Jun 12, 2020

A huge part of my life is my health—mentally, emotionally, physically. About 5 years ago, I switched to non-toxic self- and personal-care and home products, after an additional 4 years eating only real, whole, organic foods.

Primally Pure products were of the first that I adopted. I love Primally Pure’s deodorant (along with all their other products!) because they’re entirely non-toxic. I gave up on deodorant in middle school because I hated smelling like laundry. I switched to men’s deodorant, but the neon blue gel never quite sat right with me. Primally Pure deodorant was perfect because it wasn’t chalky or irritating, and it didn’t have a strong, fake smell. While their deodorant was the first of their products I fell in love with, they now supply my entire skincare routine. Their products are formulated using real, certified organic ingredients derived from nature—ensuring maximum purity and potency.

All of their deodorant options are formulated for sensitive skin with a small amount of baking soda to keep you smelling great. There are EIGHT different options ranging from unscented, lemongrass, and even tea tree deodorant. But here are my favorites:


Charcoal Deodorant

This blend is made with activated charcoal that helps detoxify the body while deodorizing and disinfecting.

What we love about it:

The eucalyptus scent of the charcoal deodorant, plus the black packaging (in contrast to their usual white and neutral) makes this scent gender-neutral.



Blue Tansy Deodorant

This blend powerfully combats inflammation, calms irritation and is potent in skin soothing properties.

What we love about it:

I love that this deodorant has two jobs, to deodorize and soothe inflammation in the body—which is a major bonus if you are detoxing from toxic personal-care products or suffer from chronic illness.


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