Growing A Profitable Private Practice Through Understanding User Experience

Jan 31, 2022

Creating contemporary solutions to outdated problems through accessible, self-empowering offerings



Amy Morrison | TrueCore Health

Amy is a Licensed Professional Counselor, holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and is a Certified Coach through XPT (Extreme Performance Training). She’s an expert on self-compassion, the nervous system, and self-regulation with a mission to make mental healthcare more accessible in all ways. 




Amy is a therapist who, like so many mental health providers, was maxed out with clients at her private practice. She’d already made the bold move of leaving a group practice to start her own business, and saw immediate success — both financially and from a bandwidth perspective. But after a short time, her schedule was full and she didn’t see a profitable way to continue growing her business within the traditional psychology model of billing hourly and taking on more clients. 

Hire other therapists into her practice? Create a course? Build a membership? Corporate consulting? She had so many options, but not a ton of clarity on which direction would make sense. 

She was adamant about two things: that burning out wasn’t an option, and that mental health care should be accessible for everyone.

As you pursue possibility in an industry that hasn’t caught up, it can feel as if you’re not getting there fast or full enough. 



We worked with Amy to help her 

  • Create and launch her signature educational course, Regulate and Restore to empower her community to learn about their nervous system, and gain tangible tools to self-regulate 
  • Create and launch her membership, the True Core Collective, to make her guided breath work more accessible to a larger group of people 
  • Hire her first employee to both see patients in her practice, increase revenue potential, and support marketing efforts, to grow her community

Because Amy is recognizing more revenue in her private practice than she ever has before, she was able to start hiring a team — stepping into her role as a leader with confidence. Plus, these new offerings fulfill on her vision of helping people regulate themselves vs relying on external sources (even therapy!). Amy often asked herself: what would the work look like if my profession was obsolete — and no one needed a therapist. She’s well on her way to fulfilling her mission to help more people understand their nervous system and self-regulate — eventually making therapy obsolete. 



To help Amy create her membership, we guided her through our process of building a scalable community container including: ideation, research and validation, creation, launch planning, membership management, community growth, and future projections. As a result, we were able to help her: 

  • Create her membership, full of breath work recordings, journal prompts, and educational lessons — and a repeatable, scalable content calendar to serve her members
  • Outline a launch plan for her membership and see her through a successful launch
  • Equip her to enroll affiliates to drive new members to her membership
  • Support her messaging around her membership, to add value for her community and accurate convey its benefits and unique features

What was different: a focus on User Experience

We helped Amy create her membership by leveraging user experience. With our strategic support, she was able to choose a platform and structure her offerings to optimize consumption from her members, by fitting seamless into their habits, lives, and preferences. We helped her conduct in-depth market research around how and when someone was going to utilize her content, which ultimately supported her goal of making mental health resources more accessible. 



“Investing in work with Pia has been one of the most important decisions of my career. When I first signed up to work with Pia, I didn’t realize it would have this much of an impact on my career. But after experiencing the personal attention I receive through working with her, I feel like I will actually be able to accomplish my goals. I owe a lot of my growth and structure to her guidance!”


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