Ep. 000 | Curate Conversations Podcast Trailer

Feb 28, 2022

Where you won’t find trendy business tactics, but you will find truthful insights and timeless stories from leaders to look up to.


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Ep. 000 | Curate Conversations With Pia Beck

Our first public podcast episode is live! Curate Conversations is where we combine real experiences of entrepreneurship, behind-the-brand perspective of Curate Well Co., and off-the-cuff stories from leaders we look up to, into casual conversations that will inspire you to approach business-building differently.

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On Ep. 000 of Curate Conversations, host Pia Beck introduces the podcast, and shares what to expect from the show.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Parker Clay and SeaVees, as well as Queentide for producing, recording + mixing our custom track, Yucca Mesa.

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Hey there, it’s Pia from Curate Well Co.

This is the Curate Conversations podcast where you won’t find trendy business tactics, but you will find truthful insights in timeless stories from leaders to look up to. On this podcast, we combine real experiences of entrepreneurship behind the brand perspective of Curate Well co and off-the-cuff stories from leaders we look up to into casual conversations that will inspire you to approach business, building different.

We believe that your industry is calling for something different and you are it.

Curate Well co is a consulting and community platform that helps impact-driven leaders change narratives and redefined norms in industries, desperately calling for something different. We are your full-stack team. Through curated business strategy, creating structures that support your scale and shepherding you and your brand to market in a standout way.

Our role is to care about the details as much as you do [00:01:00] so you can make a difference in the way only you can.

We help you understand your customer’s needs refine company operations and deliver captivating consumer experiences so you can leave a legacy that outlasts this year’s trends. We are an anchor, advocate and accelerating force for small businesses around the world. Because we believe that with leaders like you at the helm of high-growth businesses, we can answer the call for contemporary consumer-centric companies.

Drive brands to rethink the bottom line and approach marketing as a movement, not just hard-hitting messaging. And the Curate Conversations podcast is where we talk about real experiences in a human way. With leaders, you need to know about to help you access creative ideas for doing business differently.

 Welcome to the curate conversations podcast. A few years ago, I asked my mom as part of an exercise in leadership training. When am I most inspired? [00:02:00] And she told me that I’m most inspired when I’m learning something new, implementing it, then mastering it. This surprises me. I’ve never been someone who loved school.

And being curious is a skill I’ve had to develop over time. I always thought of myself as someone who mostly acquired knowledge because of obligation or necessity, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized she was right. The excitement of taking an idea from concept to creation the fulfillment, I get implementing something I’m inspired by the feeling of refining something until it’s operationally.

Excellent. These are things that make me come alive. I am energized by unlikely sources of inspiration, underrated details that make a difference, unconventional approaches and unexpected interactions. It’s these things that have made the biggest difference in my business. I’ve seen the most impact and growth

in my business, both quantitatively [00:03:00] and qualitatively when I’ve looked outside, the tried and true methods and modalities, when I’ve looked beyond the figureheads of our industries. And when I’ve looked beneath the surface level trends to approach business, building different. This podcast is an extension of my inspiration because I want to be having and listening to more conversations with leaders.

I look up to because I want to talk about entrepreneurship in a way that reflects the honest experiences of us as business owners and consumers and people. Because I know that just one idea can initiate a cascade of important questions. That one concept you wouldn’t otherwise have considered can swell into a business and a brand that’s bigger than you..

 Some episodes will be casual conversations with leaders of businesses, across industries, about their experiences, perspective, methodologies, and more. In other episodes, I’ll be talking directly to you sharing about how my own approach is evolving. [00:04:00] We’ll also have ways for you to raise requests and submit questions that will answer directly.

And if you’re a member of our annual membership, the curate community, you’ll also get exclusive access to our bonus series. The Debrief where we’ll share parts of the conversations we host here that maybe got edited out. We’ll share an expanded perspective on the episode and actionable takeaways for you to implement what you learn in your business.

 I want to help leaders like you at the helm of high-growth businesses, shape narratives, and redefine the norms in industries that haven’t yet caught up. Answer the call for consumer-centric and community-based businesses. Shepherd your brand to market in a standout way and leave a legacy that outlasts this year’s trends.

 And that requires hearing timeless stories from leaders to look up to. So you can access creative ideas for doing business differently. Subscribe now to curate conversations, and we can’t wait to connect with you.

 [00:05:00] Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of the curate conversations podcast. If you bought something from today’s conversation, please rate and review the episode, you can leave a five-star rating with one simple click and you can tap, write a review to share your thoughts about the episode. Aside from everyone on our team, sending celebratory gifts in Slack every time we see a new review, your review also makes it possible for us to continue most of these conversations and creating a platform for leaders to share their stories. Talk soon.


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