Created a Thought Leadership Platform for Postpartum Care — That’s Profitable

Jan 31, 2022

Alyson embraced our Full Stack approach to create her proprietary eMBRACe model, and grew a waitlist for her services.




Alyson Hempsey | The Honest Peach 

Alyson holds a Master’s Degree, and is a therapist turned thought leader on post-partum experience and motherhood. Her honest and dry humor is the perfect compliment to her practical and experience-backed methodologies for supporting moms. She owns The Honest Peach, where she offers her proprietary eMBRACe framework, and co-hosts a podcast: No Mama Left Behind.





Alyson retired from her career as a therapist because, like many, she felt overworked and underpaid. After an unexpected postpartum experience, she realized that being a mom not only changed her worldview, but highlighted all that there is missing by way of postpartum preparation, conversation, and care for moms. Her experience as a counselor, and as a mom, equipped her to fill a gap in the mental health and motherhood spaces. 

Alyson had a substantial social following, but wasn’t sure how to communicate with her audience newly, and in the context of her new business — and more than that, she had no idea how to bring her idea of supporting moms alive as a profitable business model. When we met, her platform was simple a place that housed free content: she had no way of generating revenue and her content wasn’t strategically positioning her as a thought leader, or her business as a trustworthy source of support and education.

As is so common for leaders onto something that will reconfigure an established landscape, she was hesitant. She thought her idea had merit, but wasn’t sure it could actually be successful as a business. She was well versed only in the business model for therapy, that led her to burnout — and she knew she wanted something bigger, but had no idea how to make it happen.



In working with Alyson, we converted The Honest Peach from a platform that lacked a clear purpose, to a profitable business that’s changing narratives in the post-partum space. In just a few months, Alyson 

  • Launched a brand new website with updated messaging to captivate clients
  • Was completely booked out (with a growing waitlist eager to work with her) for her new offering
  • 3x’d her social following through resonant content that set her apart from other motherhood hubs

Together, we created her core container. We deconstructed Alyson’s lived and professional experience to develop her proprietary eMBRACe model, which became the foundation on which she has since launched and sold out two cohorts of a group program, and started a podcast (not to mention has a never-ending waitlist to work with her 1×1).

Alyson has a robust brand she can continue to grow into as she changes the way moms are supported during their post-partum period — creating confidence in her ability to support her community and grow her platform. 

From piloting a program in hospitals for moms, speaking on stages around the country, to answering the call for a massive culture change around how our country treats moms, Alyson’s work is a catalyst for contemporary solutions to outdated problems. 



We worked with Alyson to build her brand using our Full Stack approach. We started by optimizing her professional background with her bold sense of humor, artfully embedding them into one another to create a connective brand and a breath of fresh air for moms. It was our focus on humanizing the postpartum experience, using humor to educate soon-to-be and new moms, and creating helpful structures for Alyson as a mom herself to run her business, that we built The Honest Peach to last — setting Alyson up for future expansion into thought leadership. 

We approached her build with our Full Stack approach, 

  1. ICA profile — Understanding who she serves in detail in order to deliver her expertise in a digestible and impactful way
  2. Brand development — We honed in on how to make taboo topics of motherhood relatable, in order to host honest conversations and infuse humor into hardship
  3. Business model — We designed Alyson’s eMBRACe model, through sequencing concepts and layering resources
  4. Infrastructure — From onboarding and offboarding workflows, to designing resources, we build a repeatable infrastructure for Alyson to serve more clients to and keep up with her growing community
  5. Content creation — We translated all of the work above into unique content that increased Alyson’s engagement, while feeding her sales funnels



“[Pia’s] brilliance is in organization, spreadsheets, logistics, yes, but she also has this unique way of finishing your sentences for you. She knew and understood my vision, so it felt like I was creating my business WITH her.”


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