Community Interview with Alex Englis

Jul 2, 2021

To hear Alex talk about her own reflections, is to love her. The language she uses, her inflection and tone, and the levity she brings to challenges and growth is inspiring — you can’t help but smile. Between her experience working with big brands like MasterCard, Macy’s, Hilton and more…and becoming certified to bring somatic integrations and deep healing into how she works with her clients, she offers a perfect blend of personal growth and business growth. I can’t wait for you to meet her.


What are you most excited about for this year?

I feel in my bones like I am on the edge of something huge this year. This past year was really focused on stripping away old programming and educating myself so that I could make space for this next phase of my business and life. Now I finally feel like the dust is settling and I am firmly rooting in my own fullest expression of self so that I can serve thousands of women. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alive or aligned and ohhhh that is the stuff that it’s really all about, isn’t it?! Coming back home to myself, continuing to run towards what lights me up, and creating a ripple effect by doing so, yep, that is what most excites me. 


How do you define leadership?

Leadership is defined as a willingness to traverse uncharted waters with honesty, integrity, and empathy. Leadership is not a denial of fear but the ability to walk with fear beside you, accept things for the way they are, and make decisions from a grounded and true place. Leadership is keeping your eyes wide when others close theirs, and it is the ability to see people as the people they authentically are beyond your own worldview or biases.

Leadership is not about you as an individual at all, but I sometimes think people confuse this because becoming a great leader must always start with you; A great leader must do the work themselves, they must go first and meet themselves where they are if they are then to meet others this same way.

I count myself incredibly lucky that I have had the ability to put myself in close proximity to incredible leaders and the rare ones, the ones where I’ve gone, “they are the real deal – I am in the presence of greatness,” are always the people who have gone through challenges and yet they still chose to rise. They made a decision first about their own life changing and then about changing the lives of others. And you can feel the work they’ve done on themselves, the mountains they’ve moved through, you can feel it in the immense energetic field they can hold for others.

Leadership is about getting out of your own damn way and carrying yourself with the knowing that your gift is impactful and needed. Leadership is an acknowledgement that your reason for being here is so much greater than you and that your unique magic has responsibility of service attached to it. 


What’s one (yes, just one) thing you’re really good at?

The one thing that has always followed me in all situations and with all interactions with people is that I see people clearly for who they really are and remind them of their power when they cannot see it themselves. 


What 3 words describe your personal style?

  • Relaxed
  • Minimal
  • Feminine


What are your favorite clothing brands?

  • Whimsy + Row
  • Reformation
  • Assembly Label
  • Rag + Bone
  • Madewell


Where did you grow up?

I’m a proud New Yorker with roots in NYC.


How do you recharge?

As a coach and a huge empath, I now see self-care as non-negotiable; I believe it’s part of my job responsibility to recharge so that I can powerfully hold space for my clients. How I go about recharging really varies season to season as I see my intuition really being my superpower particularly when it comes to knowing how to take care of my mind, body, and soul moment to moment. This past year, nature has become my main saving grace. I am fortunate enough to live in Sydney right next to the ocean and truly being able to see water and breathe in that ocean air has become such a nourishing gift I give myself regularly. 

Taking deliberate time away from my phone has also become increasingly important to allow me to get back into my body and regulate my nervous system. Especially as communication has been primarily on my phone or zoom this year, the constant stimulation overload was really causing me to feel overwhelmed and detached from my own inner wisdom. 


Do you have any morning or evening rituals?

Ooh yes! I am a huge morning ritual person, which I’ve found to be paramount to integrating more presence and ease throughout my day. Typically I am woken up by my cat, nuzzling into me and then I jump straight into a 10 minute meditation. I find that meditating while I’m still in bed, barely awake, sinks deeper into my subconscious and allows me to center myself before any anxious thoughts take over. From there, I try to really tune into what my body needs from me that day, which can look like doing breathwork, journaling, or dancing. I always then go on a walk by the ocean with my partner and grab a cup of coffee before settling into my day.

At night, I try to carve out time to unwind. As I am typically coaching other people and immersed in others’ energies throughout the day, I intentionally will do an activity that will clear any stuck energy which can look like yoga or taking a long bath. I then pamper myself with an extended skincare routine. (I’ve become quite a skincare fanatic in recent years – it’s an obsession that makes me feel oh so fresh and clean:)


What do you do when you’re not working?

Being in community has become so important for me, which of course takes different forms. Sometimes this looks like having a picnic with a group of friends or it may look like taking classes from my local yoga studio. Lately, I’ve been in a collective of like-minded women who are all manifesting together which has been really fun!

Where I live in a beachtown also feels organically like a close-knit community so I also try to go to the local markets every weekend. There are always fresh veggies to buy your groceries for the week, breakfast trucks, and musicians playing. It’s definitely a vibe!

My partner and I both love being in the outdoors so we try to sneak away for long walks and day trips as much as humanly possibly. I am itching, however, for a bigger trip soon! 

I am also always on the hunt for more self-care. Infrared sauna has become my jam recently.


What’s in your 10-year vision?

Personal life wise, I would love to own a home by the ocean and decorate it in a way that is truly representative of my family. I definitely am a homebody and having a sacred space is very important to me. I also envision being a mother to two healthy children.

Professionally, I will be coaching thousands of women to embody the fullest expressions of who they are and scale businesses that actually feel good to them. I will be doing this through group programs and on more immersive retreats. 

I will have written a book and be doing speaking events globally, stretching my impact beyond what I ever imagined was possible. 

Who do you look up to?


What’s your go-to morning beverage?

I’m a huge coffee drinker — cannot start my day without it. I typically take an almond latte with honey. 


How do you like to express your creativity?

Writing is definitely my go-to creative outlet. I write poems constantly. I’ve always loved how every single word in a poem carries weight and should be chosen carefully. When I’m writing, I feel completely in flow and as if the words are pouring out of me. Often only after I write can I see clearly what I am trying to process or move through. 

I also paint — that’s my other medicine. I feel completely free and at peace when I am painting. 


Where do you like to go to find inspiration?

Nature, architecture, fashion, and music. 


What personal boundary do you always make sure gets honored?

The freedom to change my mind. I am a recovering huge people-pleaser and I used to make myself small or ignore my own desires in service to making those around me feel comfortable. Now I exercise switching up what I want, canceling things that don’t feel aligned, and allowing myself room to move and change without apology. 


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