Curate Well Co. in Ten Years — Our Vision

Mar 17, 2021

What will your business look like in 10 years?

If you’re familiar with the Curate Well Co. brand and our beliefs, one of our core practices when planning for our business and in helping our clients scale their businesses is detailing a 10-year vision.

Your 10-year vision is the picture (and I would argue, sensory experience) of what your business looks like 10 years from now — the evolution of your brand and your company. It can include things like:

  • What you’re doing and who you’re doing it with
  • Where you’re working 
  • How your work feels 
  • What a day in your life looks like 
  • Sounds, smells, and light in your work environment 
  • What you know to be true at this point in time

When you can craft a long-term vision for your business it allows you to understand how you want to grow, and reverse-engineer your way to an expanded business and a brand that’s bigger than you.

Today we’re sharing our 10-year vision. Our vision informs why we work the way we do, the strategic choices we make in our business today, and projects and initiatives we decide to take on. 


Curate Well Co. 10-Year Vision

Curate Well Co. is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, inside a refurbished warehouse. Curate Well Co. owns this property, and every detail has been appointed at our choice.

This building serves as an HQ for the Curate Well Co. team, a container for our community (it’s where we host workshops, retreats, and see clients), and a hub for the local community. 

The space is open and modern, with tall ceilings, expansive windows that allow for an indoor/outdoor experience, and natural light. There is americana-coastal music playing softly in the background, and diffusers filling the space with grounding, fresh essential oils. 

There is a private wing with offices, conference rooms, a photography studio, and workshop spaces for the Curate Well Co. team. Each headquartered team member has a large, naturally bright, and private office. There is a back entrance for privacy, although our team thrives on community and loves entering through the front to say hi to our regulars. There is a small, private pool and outdoor lounge area in the back for HQ staff and retreat guests only.

There is a co-working space, open to innovators and visionaries on a daily basis, complete with private rooms, phone booths and functional mixed seating. During the day, this area is buzzing with entrepreneurial energy — noticeable by anyone who steps inside. There are no memberships for our coworking space, only hot desks paid by the hour or day. This space can  be rented out by local teams hosting their own events. As happy hour approaches, the energy shifts to one of connection — the music changes, and perhaps our mocktail bar opens so people can linger without working. A warm, welcoming community manager is in charge of our coworking space, and facilitates connections for our community members.

There is a cafe serving nutritious food all day, with a small prepared-foods section for takeout. The cafe is run by an innovative, health-forward chef who takes creative direction on designing a seasonal, healthy, and delicious menu. There is sparkling water on tap. The cafe feeds the HQ team breakfast and lunch daily. Locals stop by for lunch on their work breaks, and leaders in the community take meetings in our space.

There’s also a small retail space where we carry goods created by like-minded businesses and brands.  This space is a reflection of our emphasis on curation, and brings beauty to the lives of our shoppers.

There is a coffee shop outside, located in an airstream or refurbished bus, serving strong coffee in artistically stamped cups, homemade nut milk, and good conversation over the espresso machine. The coffee shop is run by a smiling, enthusiastic barista who has a deep love for high quality coffee and remembering people’s names. Locals stop here on their way to the farmers market, or linger on a Sunday afternoon. 

There is an outdoor space flooded with community members connecting in the sunshine at tables and chairs. There is ample outdoor seating, where families, dogs, and friends can enjoy meaningful time in a casual environment. This space is a well-known and -loved meetup location for everyone in the Santa Barbara community.

There is a movement studio where local fitness and wellness professionals teach pop up classes, and local leaders put on workshops. There are beautiful locker rooms that make our community feel like they’re enjoying a day at a spa.

Finally, there are offices off the main area to house other providers and businesses that align with our brand: perhaps an acupuncturist and/or herbalist, a non-toxic nail salon, a therapist, or an artist. 

The Curate Well Co. team has a casual, friendly, yet productive and powerful relationship. Each person is operating within their zone of genius, and actively contributing to the manifestation of our brand. 

We create beautiful things to benefit community through curation and intentional execution. 

From serving our online membership community with digital content, to producing a quarterly print publication and hosting an online shop for physical goods, to releasing new episodes on our podcast every month, we’re serving our community from afar. 

Locally, we’re a destination for workshops, events, conferences and business consulting retreats. We’re a cornerstone in the local community, fostering more connection and creativity. 


Our vision is the foundation of everything we do. Every strategic decision we make today is playing a role in our long term vision — each choice is a puzzle piece that is forming a larger picture of what Curate Well Co. will be in 10 years. We revisit it often, and adjust as we choose. 

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