So that you Can scale your impact to reach tens of thousands of people

It’s time to put process behind your purpose

You’re grinding and growing in your business


And you’re seeing progress — each action you take is getting you closer to the business you want.

— but there’s just something that’s not quite clicking.

And you need immediate and implementable support.

You’ve got all the pieces in play, but you need targeted support in a specific area of your business so you can take action and make specific changes.

If we were chatting over a cup of strong coffee,
I’d lean in, take a sip, look you in the eyes, and tell you this…

You need someone who can audit your business, create a customized agenda, and give you efficient and effective action items to make an immediate change.

You don’t need to buy another template bundle, take another course that will collect dust in your inbox, or download another freebie that won’t actually give you the information and insight you need to make an impactful change.

You need someone who…

won’t throw copy-and-paste strategies at you, but will help you create systems
that honor the really human elements of your business

won’t tell you to do a massive live launch to get to 6 figures, but will help you take a data-backed approach
to amplifying your impact

won’t glorify the hustle culture, but will empower you to take aligned action toward your ambitious goals

And not just someone, but someone who does things
thoroughly and thoughtfully

Because if you’re going to make immediate changes in a specific area in your business,
you need a detail-oriented approach that will give you an ROI.


1x1 Intensive

A one-time strategy call + support, to give you targeted support in one area of your business.

Let’s take your purpose and put process behind it, so that you can serve your community from a place of ease and excellence.

• You’re looking for individualized coaching and consulting on your business — that’s easily implementable after one call

• You like to learn from many people, and there's a specific thing you want help with in your business.

• You need someone to jump-start your inspiration again, then you’ll be excited to run with it!

Perfect for you if:



1x 90 min call only 
1x 90 min call, plus 2 weeks of Slack support
1x 90 min call, plus 4 weeks of Slack support


01 pick your format

Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) detailed deep dive
Outlining your offer/transformation mapping or Creating your offer suite for scale
Content Creation and Messaging
Community Activation + Audience Growth
A specific process in your business, systems + streamlining, organization

02 pick your focus

• Agenda sent to you 24+ hours prior to the call

• Immediately following the call, recording of the call, detailed notes, 3-5 applicable resources (templates, spreadsheets, etc), customized strategy and clear action items

• If selected, Slack support — for material reviewal and feedback, additional coaching and questions, and support implementing what we talk about — starting on the day of your call


What they're saying

"Absolutely LOVED the 1:1 session with Pia. She is so personable and provides so much actionable advice. I've since implemented a lot of the points we discussed during our session and am planning out the ones that I haven't yet put in place! I loved that the agenda was provided ahead of time (like, I seriously loved that!) and that Pia was extremely professional. The videos and spreadsheets were amazing and spoke to my ex-corporate heart! She is extremely professional and goes above and beyond during the session to share her expertise, knowledge, and resources."


This is a great fit if...

You have a business, and are looking for support in a specific area. You appreciate the spiritual, instinctual side of business, but want structure and a sexy spreadsheet to keep you grounded. You’re ready to take action and are generally self-directed — you just need a nudge in the form of effective and efficient resources, with a splash of empowerment!

This is not a great fit if...

You’re looking for copy-and-paste tactics. You’re easily overwhelmed, or you resist structure. You want things to be easy rather than intentional. You don’t want to think critically about what works for you or how you can best take aligned action to achieve your goals. You just want someone to do it all for you. You're looking to make money fast, and you're willing to sacrifice your values to make it happen. 

What they're saying

"I feel seen, heard and known here. I feel so much more comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone and into my zone of genius because of the support of this community."

- Jolana, Owner of Tranquil Heart Coaching

Hey, I’m Pia!

I Put Process Behind Your Purpose.

I quit my job on a whim. No financial runway, no leads, and quite frankly — no idea what I was going to do (which for anyone who knows me, I'm super type A and systematic, that was so unlike me).

Because while I looked "successful" on paper — I was a department leader with a team, and had created first-time initiatives and processes — I was miserable. I felt like my job was draining me of everything that made me, me.

So I set out to do what I’ve always been great at — being organized AF, grounding the big vision in the details, and creating intuitive systems that can be implemented in a replicable way. I created Curate Well Co. because I believe you, too, can uniquely and exceptionally solve a problem.

Think of me as your Chief Strategy Officer — who's willing to get in the weeds to optimize your gift so you can show up as the leader you are, set a new standard in your industry, and get back to caring for the people you serve.

Meet the CEO

Let’s get to know each other

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