Curate Well Co.’s Full Stack Approach

Apr 18, 2022

“What sets Curate Well Co. apart?”

It’s a question that comes up often.

TBH, we’ve grappled with the answer.

Our singularity is more than just an approach–it’s a feeling: a series of principles and practices woven together to create something cohesive and compelling.

Until recently, our process couldn’t be contained to a basic blueprint (and we didn’t want it to be, either). But when we outlined our Full Stack approach on paper, we had to share a moment of silence: The power of our work was finally captured. 

We’ll make things simple, but not at the cost of your nuances and intricacies.

We’re more than just generalists, but we’ll provide an integrated, one-stop-shop kind of experience that simplifies your life.

If you have ever wondered what we do–be it business, branding, or both–now is your chance to find out. Read on! 


The Full Stack Effect: A New Approach to Business Strategy Built For Thought Leaders, Innovators, and Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

You’re on the cusp of something big. 

For everything you’ve built along the way, your mission deserves more than a one-dimensional approach–movements aren’t made that way. They thrive on attending to  details, with an awareness of the little things that make every interaction feel radically intentional and wholeheartedly considered.

And you’re no stranger to meaningful connection: In order for your enterprise to thrive, you have to cultivate thoughtful offerings and trailblazing solutions with a captivating consumer experience at the center. In order to achieve this, you know you need structure that supports your scale, singular marketing strategy, and a business that stands separate from others in the space.

That’s where we come in.

Our founder, Pia, has identified the art of connecting a person, process, and product to create a Full Stack solution. 

She combined the tools she cultivated for herself to scale teams, concepts she learned from top tech talent, and her natural inclination to consider every detail, care deeply, and shift culture — to build the Full Stack approach Curate Well Co. is known for. We’ve had the honor of applying it to leaders like you who want to build a brand and business bigger than you. Over the past three years, we’ve supported businesses all over the world to bring their revolutionary solution to market, delivering it at scale, and supporting its continued expansion with agile structure.

As your strategic partner and full stack team, our philosophy is simple: The brilliance of your business deserves a methodical approach, one where each layer of the solution–from person to process to product–is treated as part of a whole. 

It’s a new approach to comprehensive business consulting that shephards your business to the “well-oiled machine” status you crave–a reliable thought- and approach-shift  to rise above the expected and exhausted,  so you can build a brand that’s bigger than you. We’ll equip you with templates we’ve tested and refined, build out your operational systems with color-coded care, and leave no detail undocumented.

And that’s just the beginning.


Let’s unpack full stack (and what it means for you)

“Full stack” refers to the entire hierarchy of a technological system. Technical development (and business development) takes place in two environments: the front end and the back end. The front end includes everything a client can interact with. Think: Your website, social media content, or your pitch deck. The back end refers to the internal infrastructure that drives the technology behind the scenes. Think: Spreadsheets, SOPs, meeting agendas, or your CRM. The back end is what your clients would see if they pulled back the curtain of your business.

A full stack development approach takes into account the entire ecosystem, including the impact on the user, rather than splitting off the front and back ends. Instead of siloing the front and back end, full stack development layers and sequences every component to create an integrated whole (and a richer experience). 

Our belief? Your business should follow the same principles. Our full stack philosophy is just that—a top to bottom approach that considers both the front and back end of your business—integrating them seamlessly to create a harmonious, dynamic whole for more meaning-making, less monotony. 

No matter how you work with us, our full stack ethos will build your business for the better.

While we honor and celebrate the technical influence, we knew we needed to adapt this method to work for all types of businesses (and make it on brand, as we do). So, let’s break it down. 

Here’s how it works at CWco: 


Phase One: Dive Deep
Grow faster and fuller with the fundamentals of a business built to last

Like you, we believe in the power of meaningful details, no matter how small. Considering the nuances of individual needs helps us create impact in the finest details.

That’s why we start by diving deep to source the necessary information that will support your swell, so you can ride the wave.

The traditional approach to defining your ideal client lacks depth—not to mention it’s been done to death. At the end of the day, you may know their age or their relationship status, but you still don’t know where to find them. Our clients are continually shocked by how detailed our ideal client profiles are, no matter how many times they’ve fleshed out their inquiry. We’re not just dipping a toe in–we’re diving deep. 

During this phase, you can forget about repeating the legwork you’ve already done. We’re filling in the missing pieces to shift the tide of your business in a significant way. And here’s the thing: The clients you’re seeking are so much more than demographic data and sweeping generalizations. They’re real people with real problems. They have habits, influences, passions, preferences, rants and raves. When you fail to consider the whole person, it’s irresponsible–and you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Which brings us to you. 

Would you be able to find someone if you knew their coffee order down to the last detail?

Our answer? Yes.

After our work together, you’ll be able to stand in a coffee shop and point to your ideal client at the counter (because she orders an oat milk cappuccino). We’ll get you there by building the most detailed ideal client profile you’ve ever seen. With a little research, data, and competitive landscape analysis, we’ll create depth in your business you’ll draw from again and again.

Put simply, you can’t swell big before you dive deep, and we both know the smallest details make the biggest difference. At a baseline, people want to feel seen, heard, and understood. When it comes to creating a brand that captivates their attention, diving deep is essential, necessary work. This is where we’ll start.

(And yes, there’s a spreadsheet to help you organize your thoughts.)

Phase Two: Swell With Influence
Tap into your stories to stand out and serve as you take your vision to market

In phase two, we’ll lean into the stories that made you.

By tapping into who you are and where you’ve been, we’ll help you stand out in the marketplace–because you are one of one. 

There’s no doubt about it: You want to make a real difference, and you’re not willing to compromise in pursuit of what you know is possible.

We’re on the same wavelength.

Here’s the truth: Meaningful impact can’t be made with “one size fits all.”

We’re not here to give you a control+c business plan that everyone else has. We’re not here to serve our agenda before yours. Instead, we’ll dial in the details most don’t see to craft compelling experiences you can feel.

That means:

–We’ll define and clarify the philosophies and beliefs that’ll build your brand upon an unshakeable foundation.
–We’ll bridge feedback between parties and field needs from all perspectives to create a tailor-made marketing strategy. 

–We won’t water down the complexity of the problems you solve. Instead, we’ll listen thoughtfully and come up with intuitive solutions together.

–We’ll hold space for your big ideas and facilitate a container for you to create with integrity.

Because if you’re going to shape narratives and redefine norms in an industry desperately calling for something different—you’re going to need a curated approach—one that’s sticky, disruptive, genuine, relatable, and intentional.


Phase Three: Cascading Impact
Captivate, compel, and compound your connections for sustainable growth

We’ve built our third phase around supporting you as a leader so you can captivate and compel your community.

Here’s what we believe: Our culture is shaped by leaders like you. In other words, your work will change the world. When you’re at the helm of a business that’s growing as quickly as yours, you have a unique opportunity to redefine norms and challenge tired narratives: You can answer the call for brands to rethink marketing as a movement, not just a message.

You’re overflowing with ideas and the world needs to hear your perspective. We’re here to help you become a powerful thought leader destined to redefine norms, start a movement, and leave a legacy–not for glory, but for the good of the world.

You’ve positioned your brand, established your authority, and made connections through shared purpose–now it’s time to share your revolutionary solution with the world at scale. And that’s going to take support.

Between scaling your team, showing up as a leader, and pouring into your clients, there’s a lot going on in your business. You know a rock-solid internal architecture and seamless SOPs are crucial to support your efforts.

That’s why we spend time refining your company operations. A movement with the power to affect change starts from within. An undercurrent of power cascades after a powerful shift–with the ripple effect to prove it.

It’s essential that the nuances of your approach are thoroughly documented, clearly templatized, and simple enough that even the newest member of your staff can wrap their head around it.  We’ll help you build out workflows to streamline onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between so you can channel your energy into the community you’ve built–that includes your team, too. 

From there, we’ll give you the methodology to support your movement by sharing the “how” of compelling content creation instead of just the “what.” We’ll harness the stories you tell, the conversations you have, and the expertise you’ve built to make the kind of content your growing audience craves. As your influence grows, we’ll strategize additional revenue streams to support an expanding business that’s blazing a trail to the forefront of your industry. 


At the end of the day, we know meaningful impact is made in incremental steps–that’s why we’ve broken it down for you in a method that leaves nothing up to chance (with room to grow).

Our full stack approach has us obsessing over the details as much as you do so you can make the difference in the way only you can. And if you ask us, that’s the key to building a legacy that’ll outlive every trend.

We’re Curate Well Co., an anchor, advocate, and accelerating force for  businesses around the world.

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