How to Balance Personal Branding + Boundaries

Jan 6, 2021

So you can use social media as a business tool.


Here is my stance on social media: It’s a business tool.

It’s not difficult for me to set boundaries with social media. I don’t spend hours scrolling or getting sucked into the stories black hole. I’m not emotionally tied to it personally, because I use it systematically to serve a greater purpose.

The boundaries I set, the personal elements I bring into our branding, the stories I share — they’re all part of a thoughtful strategy crafted with our community (our ideal client) in mind. 

You know I’m big on logistics. We track our social media activities and data in spreadsheets. We have SOPs for all of our engagement online. We plan ahead, so day-to-day execution is easeful. We measure efficacy both quantitatively and qualitatively. It might seem counterintuitive, but this actually allows us to be more…

  • creative and agile in our content
  • human and interactive with our community
  • consistently engaged without feeling drained


4 Tips for Leveraging Social Media for your Business

Get Clear on your Content

Define your content pillars. Make sure that if you do share anything personal, that it still fits in with your overall content creation strategy and is consistent with your overall messaging. It can be confusing to your audience when a content piece doesn’t match your general theme.

Know your ICA

Your content needs to be shared for your ideal client, not for you! If you do tell a personal story, show behind-the-scenes of your life, or share personal anecdotes, do it for your ICA’s benefit. This means understanding their problems and pain points so you can tell stories that make them feel seen and heard. It needs to be relatable. You don’t need to air all your dirty laundry — You can share only what will make a difference and an impact for your ICA’s desired vision.

Is There a Point?

Make sure that your personal shares and vulnerable stories have a key takeaway. What do you want them to walk away with after reading your share? How does it relate to their current experience? What’s the actionable conclusion?

Dig into the Data

Create a system so that you can be on social media in ways that make a difference for your business — without getting sucked into the endless scroll. Track the success of your content. Track your engagement activities qualitatively and quantitatively. Use your time on social media strategically by doing the things that make the biggest difference. 


Your business social media profiles and content should never be about you. That’s the fastest route to personal boundary breaking. If you tackle your social media strategy with intention, and with your ICA in mind, you’ll be able to define easily what works, what doesn’t work, and how to more effectively strategize for your business going forward.


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