The Ambitious Introvert Podcast Feature | Leading Powerfully as an Introvert and Empath

Feb 16, 2021

Emma-Louise of The Ambitious Introvert recently chatted with Pia Beck — spreadsheet queen, coffee lover, and natural born leader. She’s also the founder of Curate Well Co., coaching and community for impact driven entrepreneurs that helps female leaders scale their businesses intentionally while maintaining the integrity of their work, leadership, and communities. Pia leads her community and clients with power and strength all while being an introvert and empath.

In this episode Emma-Louise and Pia discuss:

  • How Pia made use of knowledge from her yoga teacher training to speak to her audience
  • Approaching leadership as an empath
  • How she protects her own energy while also serving her community
  • How hiring help and creating boundaries allowed her to stay grounded while growing her business
  • Having a referral-based business model and why it’s underrated
  • Dropping what you know to listen (and what it means)
  • Live launching as an introvert

Pia spends her days leading a community of truly incredible women to create an incredible impact in their own unique way. Her clients appreciate her no-BS approach and her zone of genius is making seemingly complicated things straightforward by taking big-picture vision and turning it into concrete goals — with scaleable systems and over-the-top care to honor the really human elements of a business.

To listen to the full podcast episode Leading Powerfully as an Introvert and Empath visit The Ambitious Introvert.


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