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Level up: Leverage Your CEO Status to Ask for What You Need and Get What You Want

FRIDAY OCT 22nd at 10a MST

From handling hard conversations, to communicating clearly — we’re talking about what it really means to be a CEO (no, it’s not working on your business instead of in it) and how to elevate yourself and others in your exchanges.


Do you have a successful business that’s creating an impact in the world, yet you still feel like get caught up in comparison, imposter syndrome…or get deterred when you consume others’ content? 


Or, maybe you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished so far…and you’re ready for the next level (of income, scope, and operations)? 


Or, do you shy away from really asking for what you need, although you know it’s what you deserve, for fear it’s too much?


Join me for a webinar where I’ll break down how to ask for what you want, handle hard conversations, communicate clearly, and set yourself up for success to reach the next level in your business. 


If you’ve done all the things, grown quickly, and seen results — and now you’re ready to refine so you can expand your business model, grow your team, and experience smoother operations inside your growing company…this is perfect for you. 


If you’re struggling with…

  • Confidently asking for more for fear you aren’t worthy, or you’ll get shut down
  • Clearly seeing what the next level of your business looks like and how you can make that possible
  • Positioning yourself as a powerful CEO and confidently showing up as one 
  • Standing your ground in challenging situations, asking for more of yourself and others, and owning your opinions

…This webinar is perfect for you. 


You’ll learn 

  • Why asking for what you need helps to move the needle
  • How to handle hard conversations objectively and empathetically, to support your goals 
  • The communication tools that help you ask for more, confidently and clearly 
  • Why asking for what you need actually elevates everyone around you
  • How to leverage your leadership to expand your business and grow your company


So you can

  • Show up more powerfully for your clients and community, as a CEO in your space — so you can sign higher ticket clients
  • Expand to the next level so you can refine your offers, grow your team, and finesse your operations and scale your business sustainably
  • Establish a clear roadmap for your company, hold stakeholders accountable, and support yourself and your steam in striving for greatness so you can continue to have the impact you’re meant to have

You’ll leave this webinar with tools and tips to help you strengthen your confidence and leverage your leadership position as a CEO —  how to start asking for what you need to take your biz to the next level.


Included in your $97 registration

  • Live 2 hour webinar with live Q+A
  • Replay of the webinar in case you can’t make it live or want to rewatch it later 
  • Resources to help you up-level and step into your CEO powerfully



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